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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Estee video

Sorry it has been a while. It has lately gotten to the point where I'd much rather just enjoy Estee then type up about it. Sitting and typing up all her funny stories isn't as easy as it used to be either. I have a lot to say and hopefully will type it out one of these days soon but in the meantime, enjoy this video of my child jumping on the bed. Yeah, that's right. And we sing: No more Estee's jumping on the bed!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

my little girl

It has been a while since I last posted. When Estee was a newborn although I wasn't getting any sleep it was easier to post because she wasn't going anywhere. Now that she's walking, she doesn't want to stop. Maybe that's why I'm finally losing weight. finally. I'll do my best to update you on what she has been doing. To me, she is the funniest kid in the world. I can sit and watch her all day long. She has gotten herself into climbing. I no longer can leave her alone in the living room just to run into the kitchen. I can no longer run to the bathroom. She needs to come with me everywhere. This may sound extreme but the other day I walked into the kitchen for a second and when I came out Estee was sitting on the couch. You're probably wondering what the big deal is. Well, Estee is unique you see. For Estee, being on the couch involves standing up and either jumping, climbing up to the windowsill or best of all standing straight and allowing her body to fall straight back to plop down onto the couch. It truly is funny to watch but if I don't sit there she will throw herself right off of the couch. She doesn't have very good spatial awareness yet. (I definitely used the wrong OT term, anybody?) Yesterday the tray from her highchair wasn't on and she decided to use her highchair as a ladder. Come to think of it, every thing in our apartment is now Estee's ladder. Her toy car, her highchair, the couch, the windowsill, the list goes on. I'm seriously surprised that I don't wake up in the middle of the night to find her in my bed, having climbed out of her crib and into my bed. I definitely would not put that past her. Her favorite pastime as of late is climbing up and down steps. But only if we are outside. And, she only wants to do it standing up and holding your hand. Once again, she has absolutely no danger awareness because she would just walk right off the top of the concrete stairs. I certainly don't need a stairmaster that is for sure.
Estee has been trying to communicate much more lately too. Her words now include: Up, atta- either eat or pizza, haven't quite figured it out, hot- which means hot, cold, food, and various other things, nanananananannanana- no!, ayt- outside, abf- bath, and of course the original Abba- which represents all other words including, Abba, mommy, dog, Elmo, bubby, etc. I would just like to take this moment to add that over the past few days Estee has said mama when prompted. She can say mmmm and when I show her mama she says it but then she still just calls me abba. I also have to say that I got a little misty when she did actually say mama. It's about time I only gave birth to the kid!
Estee loves "this little piggy went to market." She has the book and a few of her cds have the song version (which is really not much of a tune at all). Every time I read her the book she points to her toes because she wants me to do it on her toes. And, when I get to the part that "this little piggy cried wee wee wee..." she says "ada da da da da" in a very high pitched voice like me. And- when she hears the song she runs for the book screaming "da da da da da da."
One final story: If Estee is playing with my cell phone or her toy phone she always hands it to me so that I can put it by my ear and say "hiiiiiii(high pitched excited woman's voice) how are you? you wanna talk to Estee? okay, hold on...."
she then takes the phone and walks around the living room for a few minutes with the phone on her shoulder saying "hiiiiiiiiii" in her own version of high pitched until she is ready to give me back the phone to do it again. This is the only game I can think of wherein she isn't calling everyone I know with my cell phone and leaving them voicemails of my most embaressing moments. Yeah, she does that too.

Monday, September 25, 2006

where's your belly button?

I just taught Estee where her belly button is. So, now when we do our repetoire of where is your head, where is your tounge, etc, she can now point to her belly button. The problem is she randomly points to my belly and says "Abba" (in this case, bellybutton) and I have to lift up my shirt for her to see it or she will lift it up for me or get agitated. The problem is this may arise outside. We shall see.

Tonight Estee got mad because I didn't let her do something she wanted to do so she bit me and then hit me. Besides saying no, what's the correct punishment for someone of that age. how much do they understand. To me, hitting back is hypocritical. "You can't hit me but I can hit you." I refuse to do it.

on another note Estee would like to wish everyone a wonderful sweet new year:

Monday, September 11, 2006

outside fun!

I was outside with Estee and I decided to be a little silly and start kicking up my legs (can-can meets karate ninja?) she thought this was the funniest thing ever and kept trying to copy me which made me laugh hysterically and we were just giggling like crazy. I couldn't get her attempt at copying me on video but I got the cute giggle. It's not so clear because it was my camera phone.

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fun with a moon bounce!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The trip

What a blast we had! We started off the weekend in NJ at my Aunt and uncle's house. My cousins (except for the 14 year old) are close in Estee's age (approx 5 and 2)
She had a blast being in a big house that's child friendly with tons of toys and two other kids. She started off the weekend by taking a bath with her two cousins. (not posting pics of those but it was sooooo cute!) All she cared to do was play with the running water. Every time we tried to put some in a cup to wash someone's hair or turn it off, she cried or pushed our hands away. On Sunday morning we went to Sesame place. Every Character that we saw Estee would say "Abba" and then reach out her hands so they would take her. For the most part, I will let the pictures speak for themselves except for a couple of tidbits: We went on a ride where you sit in a hot air balloon and it goes up and around and around. If you choose to you can spin it more yourself too. (I told Aaron not to do this if he didn’t want me to puke all over everyone!)
I hated it but I guess Es loved it because when the ride stopped she started to cry hysterically. All the people waiting to get on must've thought she was scared but I reasurred them that she was upset that it was over. Our hotel room was only one room but there was a little alcv;e by the bathroom with a sink and a clothing rack. if you are in this alcove you cannot be seen from the area where Estee's crib was. Sunday night after Aaron and I put her to bed we hid out there so she wouldn't see us. We sat on the floor and had our picnic and cracked up as she talked to herself. It's as if she knew we were there because she kept throwing her pacis out of her crib so we would come and pick them up. When I finally told her "no no no!" she wagged her finger at me and laughed. On monday we went to a touch museum for children 7 and under which was also really great for her!

The pics:

packing for our trip, Estee helps!

Sesame place pics(I made them small so they wouldn't take up too much space but if you want to see the better, just click on them)

The touch museum:

What a great trip, I'm starved!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

goodbye summer, goodbye stay-at-home mom!

We are off to NJ for shabbos and then to Sesame place for Sunday/Monday. It is our last hurrah before I go back to school :(
I have become truly addicted to my child. I am going to have some serious seperation anxiety on Tuesday when I go back to work. In addition to the seperation anxiety, I am going to have just plain 'ol anxiety because I have a new babysitter starting...gulp!
My summer with Estee has truly been amazing. Although I did work for three weeks the rest of the time was absolutely wonderful. I tried to do as many things with her as possible but even when we weren't doing "something" our bonding was great. I have enjoyed singing with, and reading to her. I have enjoyed watching her new skills emerge: after my lead she can now hold the shape block correctly and put it into the correct hole if I have the correct one in front of her. I have enjoyed watching her language emerge (she sounds like boo from monster's inc and every time she says something I want to eat her up!) Her new words are Abba as you know for everything, up for up and maybe other things, not quite sure. "ide" for outside, "aaaab"(with a spit at the end to represent the "th") for bath. She may have even said "ite" today for light.
Remember new love? Remember when you had a crush on someone or were newly in love with someone, you would lie in bed at night content thinking about the time you spent together or the conversation you had that day? Every night of my summer has been concluded with that feeling of contentment and that feeling of love and joy towards my sweet Estee.
I have a feeling that monday night I will shower with her shampoo and body wash so that I can smell like her at work on monday, is that sick?
Good bye summer! Here are some moments of the summer that I will never forget:


This post took me over an hour to do. I absolutely cannot put captions, I am tired! Just for this, I better get a lot of comments.
I think I reached my picture capacity and I can't post any more pictures, can that happen?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

mommy's birth-day o' fun!

When Aaron asked how I wanted to celebrate my birthday I said a nice day with my family. We were going to go to the queens farm but we got rained out. So instead we took some of Ezzie's advice and tried some yummy pretzels! Today was their grand opening so they had a guy making balloon animals which Es loved and a guy on the keyboard. Halfway through our snack Estee started to walk around as she always does . She walked over to the guy on the keyboard, went up to his speaker and just started to dance as he played. It was really funny. She enjoyed her pretzel and drinking my smoothie. We couldn't take it away or she'd cry!

We then went to the Queens Hall of Science which was a big hit as well. We spent our first hour in the preschool room where Estee crawled and climbed and went "grocery shopping" with other children. We then walked around the bigger part of the museum where she got to see her shadow, walk in a room that shrinks and best of all play with huge bubbles. It was really hard taking her away from that. If it weren't for her great need for a nap we would have stayed for the 2:30 puppet show!