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Monday, August 22, 2005

6 weeks...

welcome to the world of motherhood! The truth is I probaby should have started this blog six weeks ago being that Estee turned 6 weeks this past Friday, but, who had the time? The first two weeks were absolutely sleepless and then we got a bit better. I have to just say that I have never loved a human being like this before, it is absolutely amazing. Just look at her!!!
There are a few stories that I would like to share which basically epitomize the first 6 weeks of motherhood. Sometimes during the day, I find that I cannot put her down for a second. I feed her, she falls asleep, I start a task, she cries. I have learned that if Estee has had a bottle and falls asleep I have to hold her for atleast 20 minutes on my shoulder before putting her down. otherwise, she is not in a deep enough sleep and will wake up. Well, one morning, I was actually getting ready to get out of the house with her which is an undertaking in an of itself. Basically every time I put her down for a rest in between eating, I have to put a skirt on, make a bottle, pack part of a bag etc. Anyway, I finally had everything together and had been having to use the bathroom for atleast an hour and she was sleeping. I figured, "Now is my chance!!!" I put her in her carseat and sat her right at the edge of the bathroom. The second my butt hit the toilet seat....CRYING!! and I am not talking about little whimpers. what was I to do? my hands were still clean and I didn't really want to let her cry so long so I picked her up and proceeded to nurse her on the toilet!!! Never in my life did I ever envision doing that! (I'd just like to mention that as I type this, the little munchkin is sleeping away on my shoulder..)
Later that same day we were driving to visit my father in ct. she had just eaten and I figured we would be good for a while. she loves car rides because they rock her to sleep. 10 minutes into the ride I hit the worst traffic. I hoped it would pass soon and she would stay sleeping. wishful thinking! not only did she wake up and start screaming her little head off but there was no exit in sight and we weren't moving anywhere anytime soon. This was enough to get me a little frantic myself. Being a mother has taught me to be as resourceful as possible (exhibit a- toilet story) but I wasn't about to stop and get out of the car in the middle of the whitestone expressway. That probably would not have been a good idea. Instead, I reached back to her diaper bag, pulled out her pacifier and used the little fisher price mirror of hers to help me see her mouth and guide my hand towards it. (while looking in the rearview mirror) meanwhile, the ever so pleasant man decided to honk and honk and honk because it just so happened that as I was trying to placate my screaming daughter, the man in front of me moved a few inches. I'd just like to take this opportunity to apologize to that poor man whereever he is. I am oh so very sorry that I did not have my priorities straight. I really should have let my daughter cry so you could be 5 seconds closer to your destination! Well, we finally got out of traffic only to hit some more minutes later. The pacifier trick worked a few more times. once we were moving again I thought we were in the clear. she was nice and quiet and happy. all of a sudden, she started crying again. and it was a hungry cry. (they say we can tell the difference) so, I did what any good mother would do, I sang the itsy bitsy spider, abcs, wheels on the bus, and pulled off the next exit. I pulled into the first parking lot I saw and fed her in the backseat. Since she has that 20 minutes on shoulder rule, I held her and walked around my car 20-30 times. some people passed by looking at me like I was crazy, but this is the price I have to pay!!
Once you become a parent you become fixated with your child's bowel movements. It's somewhat disgusting but it's also inevitable. The reason for this is if they are pooping and peeing enough and it's the right color and consistancy you know they are getting enough to eat and everything is okay (I HAD to defend myself somehow!)
Anyway, Estee is quite a pooper! (you knew I would have to tell a story about poop after that intro!) More often than not, I will be changing Estee's diaper and she will let me know ever so cleverly that she is not quite done. There was one time when I had just finished wiping her and she decided to go more. I wiped her again, put on a new diaper put on desitin and right when I was about to close the diaper she thought "hey let me get my mommy!" and there went the poop, flying across the room, onto her nice new carpet!!This is not the first time this has happened either. Lots of things happen when I am changing her diaper. Sometimes she will start spitting up and when I go to wipe the spit up I come back to the other end and find a nice surprise. Estee has a new trick that she started to do last week. This also happened while I was changing her diaper. All of a sudden while I was wiping her she let out a scream like she was in pain. I couldn't imagine what could possibly be wrong! I looked at her and noticed that her fist was clenched around her hair and she was pulling very hard. As she got upset, she would pull harder, in turn causing her to cry more, it was quite a vicious cycle! It took me a while but I was finally able to pry her hand off and miraculously, she stopped crying!
It's amazing how men can sleep through anything! one little sigh out of her wakes me up in the middle of the night. She can be screaming her head off and Aaron's still snoring away! I have to admit he is getting a little better. This past Saturday night I asked him at 4, 5, and 6 for help because I had been up with her since 2. He finally decided to help me at 7:30! thanks Aaron. That brings me back to when I was in labor. My labor nurse for that shift trained Aaron to look at my contractions on the monitor, that way he can tell me when it is almost over and reassure me that I am doing great. Later on in the day when we had been there for quite some time, Aaron decided that he was having a tough time and drifted off to sleep. shortly after, my contractions got really bad. All the breathing excersizes I had learned were out the window and all I wanted to do was scream. So I did. "Aaron!!! it really really hurts!!! I want to go home!!" etc... Aaron briefly opened his eyes and said "it's almost over, you're doing great," and then went back to enjoy his nap! See, isn't he great?


Blogger JTopo said...

OMG LOL!!!!!!! That is seriously hysterical- all of is sooo funny. I love the hair pulling cycle that she has gotten herself into- maybe she'll grow out of it soon? Can't wait to hear more!

6:23 AM  
Blogger Yosef ben Moshe HaDemocrat said...

"Flying Poop," huh? Does your digital camera take movies--I'd love to actually take a look!

Rebecca, you certainly seem to be a natural and teriffic Mom!

Aaron, sounds like some night-time assistance would be appreciated. (Although Ellen would probably say that I, too, didn't provide her with enough help.)


3:26 PM  

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