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Monday, August 29, 2005

it's been a while

I am not a happy camper today!

You know when you've been spending too much time indoors/by yourself when you know tv jingles by heart. You know that you are
desperately seeking adult contact when you sing those jingles to your baby. I believe Estee's favorite is "Stanley steemer the carpet cleaner!!" It's fun to dance her around the living room singing it, it's got a great beat. (see, told you I was losing it) I even found an uncle moishe song that sounded like it a little!
Friday was a day from hell. (my birthday, fun fun!) Thursday night my little angel decided that she didn't feel like going to sleep. I was up rocking her, feeding her, burping her, etc until 2:30 am. She woke up again at 5 ready to eat and did not go back to sleep after that. We have a morning ritual that for some reason works. after her 6, 7, or 8 o clock feeding rather than putting her in her bassinet, I put her in the seat and nap on the couch. It's easier to get up if she wakes up after a few minutes and I can rock her while laying down if her eyes start to open. I usually get 1 1/2- 2 hours which helps me a great deal. Friday I wasn't so lucky. Every 20 minutes she would wake up. Finally, I decided to give up and just take her for a walk. usually walking outside puts her to sleep in a second. again, Friday, I wasn't so lucky. I had to stop pushing every two minutes to put the pacifier in her mouth so she wouldn't be upset. I was walking around with her in hopes that she would fall asleep because I had to pick something up from the pharmacy and get myself some lunch and I didn't want her awake in the store because she might cry and I'd have to leave. I finally got her to go to sleep and I went into the pharmacy got what I needed and went to pay. I was getting really annoyed because the cashier was taking forever punching in someones lotto numbers. hello? I have a sleeping baby here! don't they realize?? I pushed the stroller back and forth in hopes that she would stay sleeping while I waited. Right when she finished with the lotto numbers and looked up to see who was next, I was about to step up when this disheveled woman holding a bottle of advil stepped up and said "please, I'm in so much pain." How could I possibly say no to that? So, I let her go ahead of me as I continued to roll my eyes and rock the stroller back and forth. When she finished paying she said "thanks, I wouldn't usually cut in front of a woman with a baby..." aren't I lucky then that you chose me to be your first! (I realized later, could she not have just taken an advil while waiting in line?? that's what I would have done!!!)
So it was finally my turn and the woman behind the counter (who seemed to be having a very bad day too!) rang me up and took my credit card which of course did not go through. I had to wait another 10 minutes while she screamed to the back of the store and told them to get off the line. I finally got out of there and walked my angel home.
As we speak the poor baby is grunting away in her bassinet. She has been living on mylecon drops and I just don't think they are working!! She is not a happy camper. I've tried everything! bubble free bottles, easier to digest formula. I have taken everything that can possibly be gassy out of my diet and she still seems to be in distress.
Last night we went out for chinese. My stepsister who is a veteren breastfeeder was telling me what I can and can't have. I finally narrowed it down to two items when the waiter came and I said "I'm not sure which one I want." he proceeded to explain to me the difference between the two dishes. I looked at him and said " you don't seem to understand sir. can you just tell me which dish of the two isn't gassy?"


Blogger JTopo said...

Hahaha I love the way you ended this blog! Anyway, I am so sorry that you had a pretty blech birthday! I'm also sorry that little estee is having bowl movement problems. But she does look gorg in those pics! Hope everything is better!

8:39 AM  

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