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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The rudeness of strangers

I always had a problem with the rudeness of strangers. I never needed a total stranger to say hello to me or even to smile (although it would be nice) but common courtesy would be nice! When I was 7-8 months pregnant it was amazing to see how long I'd be leaning against a wall in a waiting room fanning a paper in front of my face before someone would offer me their seat. Sometimes it never even happened. It's kind of ironic because I would be the first person to offer if the roles were reversed. Today I decided to take Estee on a trek to get me some lunch. It really is a whole process getting her out of the house. First I have to make sure she is either sleeping or very content, put her in her seat, take her stroller and packed diaper bag downstairs and set it up outside, then take her in her seat outside and lock up. Sometimes in the midst of that whole process she will start to wail. A few times it was while I was setting up the stroller and I had to run upstairs with the doors wide open to comfort her. Luckily, this did not happen today. We had a very nice walk. 3 minutes into the walk, she was out cold. It's amazing. They should make cribs that mimic a stroller or car ride and all new parents would sleep through the night! We got to burger nosh and I saw that the both doors to get in open out. Not only did they open out but one was not directly in front of the other. So, after finally opening the first door and getting the stroller in I had to maneuver it to fit in the space provided, open the second door, and also be able to get the stroller through. The whole time a nice little family sat at a table two inches from the doorway scarfing down their burgers and watching the crazy lady struggle. There was only two people at the table that were excused from getting up and helping. The elderly lady and the baby in the stroller. Yes, that's right, they had a baby themselves. So you'd think that they would understand. Luckily, a woman was walking in at the same time and held one of the doors for me. I wasn't so lucky on the way out, while the same family sat and watched. Maybe, they figured that the doors pushed out so it would be easier for me. Or maybe they figured I could use the workout? who knows!
As babies grow older it is funny to see how parents treat them like dogs. Hey look at the trick my daughter did today! unfortunately I have succumbed to this terrible behavior. Estee performed an incredible feat today. I put her stomach down on a boppy to help with her gas and to strengthen her neck muscles. She then proceeded to squirm foward so much that her face was down on the floor (she was eating the floor which told me she must be hungry!) and her legs were kicking the other side of the boppy up in the air. I attempted to capture this on film which you see above but it does not fully portray the full extent of her ability. I then called everyone I know and told them to check their email because my daughter did something really cool and I sent them a picture of it. I even named the file "my trick." Sometimes I think it is okay to act this way. As long as we don't take it too far.


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