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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The worst thing about being a mother is having to witness your child's pain. Her pain is so much worse than any kind of pain I myself can endure. Especially when there is really nothing you can do for that pain. The first time Estee went to the dr. our pediatrician unfortunately was on vacation and she had to see the on call dr. It was a pretty bad experience. The best way I can describe him is very shleppy and very much like the guy from ferris beuller "beuller, beuller..."
His checkup was terrible. He didn't comfort her at all and she screamed the entire time. The combination of being a new mother and my hormones caused me to leave the room in hysterics claiming that I hate this man and want him sued for malpractice. (he didn't hear me) Thank G-d our pediatrition showed me how pediatritions are really supposed to be. He does what he has to do but he also coos at her and pats her back and sushes in her ear to calm her at the same time. he laughs when she is being cute and he always asks how I am doing which is totally not necessary but greatly appreciated.
Thank G-d one of the worst experiences of motherhood was done with this man instead of the other. Today Estee had her first series of shots. yes, shots, in plural. I am not quite sure why they can't just combine them into one syringe so she only has to suffer the stick once. My father says the vaccines can't mix. I guess he knows best. I wish I could've gotten the shots instead of her, maybe she could get them through my breast milk? I guess not...
The worst part of it besides for her crying of course is the fact that I couldnt offer her some kind of treat. I couldn't reward her with a lollypop or a trip to carvel. I did give her a bottle but I highly doubt enfamil is comparable to carvel vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. But when she can have it, I promise, I'll give it. She WAS such a good girl, she deserves it! I have to admit, her little pulkies with the crayon bandaids do look awfully cute....
Today I had an interview and I had the pleasure of being able to take Estee with me. She definitely makes great impressions for me on interviews. She's so cute and she shows the interviewer that I'm good with kids. I finished feeding her at 7:30 and my interview wasnt until 11. I figured I could nap on the couch with her until 9ish, feed her and go. Aaron decided that it was more important to capture the cuteness of his wife and daughter sleeping side by side with the same expression than the possibility of the flash waking his sleeping wife. Well, it did, but we do have a cute picture to make up for it. (I got mad at him because my hair wasn't covered so I doctored it up on paintbrush so I could share it with all of you.) Meanwhile, both Estee and I didn't wake from the nap until 10 so it was a mad rush to get out of the house. Surprisingly I was on time. I guess I've mastered the getting out of the house with baby thing!


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