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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Everyone always says that when a newborn baby smiles it's just gas. It was always so cute to watch Estee smile, eventhough it was just gas...But lately, her smiles have been a little more than that. The other day she started cooing and smiling for real. Today was the most exciting for me. She was laying on the living room floor and I was talking to her in my high pitched baby voice and she laughed. It was the cutest thing in the world! Luckily, I just so happened to have my camera handy and I was able to somewhat capture it on film. In real life it was much cuter I have to say...
As mothers, not only do we automatically turn our voice into falcetto every time our baby is near, we also tend to make up a lot of words. For the first few weeks of her life I came up with many crazy nicknames- squishy, squirmy worm, pooper scooper (that one you understand), koosh, etc. I finally found one that has stuck. koochkilu. I like it and she seems to also. Aaron hates it. I don't know why! He's been calling her junior. Wheres the creativity in that? It's not even a girly nickname!
One other thing I love is I can be so silly and it's excusable. I can make any silly task crazy now. For example I sang to her the other day "we're going to see dr Klein, doo dah, doo dah, we're going to see dr. klein oh da dooda day..."it's amazing how motherhood makes you capable of bursting into song about almost anything. It's like a musical- motherhood, the musical! another all time favorite sung to the same tune (I guess we like this one)-- "I'm going to change your diaper doodie, doodie, I'm going to change your diaper oh doodie day, oh doodie day oh doodie day..."feel free to sing along!! I also started doing accents. just minutes ago I said "do you want your pacifier?" in Indian.....


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