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Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm a nerd

I am such a nerd when it comes to my wittle cutesy. I see how some of the parents in my class are and I know that will be me. We had the parents fill out a little questionaire about their son and then add whatever other details they wanted on the back. one mother wrote a whole page about her son. At first I was thinking oh goodness...but then I realized that I will definitely be like that. I am so proud of her! The conversation started today when I was talking to some teachers about the new susie fishbein cookbook that just came out.. kosher by design, cooking with kids. I said I just have to have that. I am so excited to do those things with her and whoever else I may birth in the future. I then went on to describe all the things that make me a nerdy mom. As you already know she is on my voicemail. When she is in school, and I make her sandwiches to take for lunch I plan on cutting them out with cookie cutters so she has fun shaped sanwiches to eat. I was always jealous of those kids that got an I love you note from mommy in their lunch. My child will get that!! The other teachers told me that it's my first kid and I'll do it for her but won't for the rest. We shall see!
A terrible thing happened to me yesterday. I went to visit my old job and one of the workers there said "looks like you haven't taken off your baby weight." I should've told her actually I am 6 pounds lighter for your information!!


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