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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

little princess

I believe I have a little princess on my hands. My very smart two month old has figured out how to manipulate her parents and how to get her way. I can't imagine what life will be like when she's a teenager. (my mother is probably so thrilled at the payback.)
There's two new things that Estee started to do. first, when she doesn't get her way fast enough, she pouts. It's actually kinda cute. Then her other new trick is holding her breath. She'll cry and all of a sudden just sto and her face suddenly turns bright red then purple. It makes me cry every time. she's a pretty smart chica.
Yesterday something happened that made me have one of my heroine dreams again. Yesterday as I was driving home I saw that a pedestrian was hit by a car in front of the college. She wasn't consious. I dreamt that I was crossing the street while pushing the stroller and a car started speeding towards us. I knew I was going to get hit and I wouldn't be able to run out of the way fast enough so I pushed the stroller with all my might across the street, screamed "someone watch my baby!" and got hit. Interesting....
Yesterday the babysitter came for the first time. I don't have a nanny cam yet so I had her come with me wherever I had to go. Aaron thinks I'm crazy but Estee's too little right now, there's no way to know how she feels towards this woman. When she is older atleast she will be excited when she comes if she likes her. It was actually nice. I went to decorate my classroom and the babysitter was in the class taking care of Estee. In an ideal world, I would teach a class while my babysitter watched my daughter in the back of the room. No one would be distracted because they would be invisible except to my eyes. I didn't have to worry about taking care of her but I had peace of mind that she was there and safe, and I didn't miss her. The first day is going to be agony. I don't know how I will focus on my job. Maybe I'll wear some of her baby lotion that day so I can smell her.....


Blogger JTopo said...

Oy Becks that is a very scary thing to see and a very scary dream to have! I am so sorry that you saw that! Anyway, get that nanny cam so you don't have to worry too too much about it. Will you be working close by? Maybe you could check up on them in the beginning?

7:50 AM  
Blogger -Dre said...

Hello Rebecca

We are Aaron's Coworkers and we have been reading your blog, very interesting and funny and although Aaron denies certain things (ex. falling asleep during your labor) we can actually picture him doing that. Estee definitely looks like Aaron.

We had no idea nanny cams were sooo expensive.

A & A

12:11 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Thanks for writing to me A and A. Yes Aaron did fall asleep! and if you read on you will see that I am sad she looks like him! I wanted her to look like me :)
I'm glad you are enjoying this, keep reading!!


11:44 AM  

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