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Thursday, September 22, 2005

lovely chain of events

It started out with a little kvetch. A kvetch I know well as "I'm hungry mommy" I had fed her not long before but she didn't eat much so I knew she would be asking soon. So, I picked her up and noticed in the mirror that the butt of her outfit (that I just put on her and looked so cute) was nice and brown. The dilemma: Estee hates being changed when she is hungry, Estee has a huge temper. But, it's not exactly fair to make her sit in it while she eats, I certainly wouldn't want to sit in my poop while eating. Furthermore, being that it was all over her clothes it would get all over me too. And that would make me unfit to touch my daughter. So, being that she was only in the kvetching stage I figured changing her was the best bet. Of course, the poop wasn't just a stain, it was actually IN the outfit so I had to take that off first. Dilemma #2: Estee hates being naked when hungry. It was all over her. She decided it might be a fun idea to grab her thighs at that moment so now it was all over her hands as well. Dilemma #3: leave her poop and tush unattended to clean her hands that may go in her mouth before I am finished and risk her pooping more all over the place?
This time I was lucky and she didn't do that! I got her cleaned up, put on a clean diaper, started to put her desitin on and bam....pee all over. She was already crying at that point so she was squirming all over so the pee dripped to her back and into her hair. It was also all over me. and, no wipes left. So, I had to go down to the floor where the refill wipes are and get more all while holding her naked body still. As I was cleaning her body and she was screaming her brains out, she decided to show me that she can do something new. When she is upset she kicks her legs. Well, you know how when you first learn to swim they teach you to push off with your legs from the wall to go faster? That is what she was doing so I looked up for a minute from wiping her and saw that she was almost off the changing table and on her way to pushing herself off completely I said "oh my G-d!" and pulled her back on. This scared her and she really started to howl. Luckily, I was able to get her dressed and calm before the howl turned into the next step...breath holding which she is in the habit of doing quite often. I fed her (and surprisingly all she ate was very little) and she is now happy, and fast asleep in her swing.


Blogger Kar said...

I forgot to tell you Becs--I smell like your daughter... I bought our suite lavender chamomile hand soap, and then wondered why my hands smelled like my niece.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I use her lotion before work so I can smell her all day long. once I smelled like her cuz I had her spit up on me.

11:55 AM  

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