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Sunday, September 18, 2005

New tricks, New habits

It's really amazing how much Estee has grown and changed in only 10 weeks. From a baby who slept almost all day she is now up and alert during the day. She interacts with me regularly. We have conversations and I could've sworn that a few times she even said "hi." It's so cool how she plays with her vocal chords and different positions of her mouth. The funniest sounds come out some times (sorry that was the speech pathology BA in me). The most fun is not only does she smile and laugh when I sing, talk or read to her, she smiles at me when I come home from work. She definitely knows who I am and that is the greatest feeling in the world. Yesterday she was playing on her play mat and she was actually looking up at all the toys and laughing and talking to them. She reached out her hand to touch them a few times too. Her coordination is getting better. she is able to get her fingers in her mouth every so often. She always concentrates real hard first. Sometimes she misses and gets her eye first but then she ends up getting it. But most important of all was the coolest trick she did yesterday. She was on her belly on the floor and I was admiring how great it was that she was able to hold up her head so well when all of a sudden she flipped over. It was true acrobatics! The look on her face though was priceless. It said "what the hell did I just do???"
Lately people have been saying things to me such as "She is aaron's clone!" or "she looks exactly like Aaron." or best of all "were you even there?" As good looking as I find my husband I am somewhat disappointed! I wanted her to look like me! I want her to be my clone! my mini me! I carried her for 9 months, I pushed and pushed and pushed her out, and I had many sleepless nights, and she goes and looks like him! All kidding aside, I am just wondering how Aaron will look as a girl. Maybe I should have him try on my sheital and see, then maybe we will have some idea of what Estee will look like.
As part of my new set of neurosis, I now take Estee's temperature quite often. "How will I know when she is sick, " I asked my mother, "just like labor, you'll know..." she answered. But just like labor I always take every false alarm seriously. Now, don't get the wrong idea, in no way shape or form do I stick my daughter's tushie with a thermometer every day! We have a special pacifier thermometer that I have gotten into the habit of using. Whenever she feels a little warm or is extra cranky, just to be on the safe side, I use it. It can't hurt! it's just a pacifier, she uses that anyway! Last week it was 99.8 and I freaked and called the Dr. He said it is a normal temperature for a baby at her age. As long as she isn't pulling on her ears. Then I wondered, what if she doesn't know how to pull on her ears? what if she isn't coordinated and every time she wants to pull on her ear because it hurts she just smacks herself in the head (which she does quite often I must add!)?
(ps- sorry no picture this time, the digital camera is in the car maybe I will add it later.)


Blogger Skayabs said...

Ha! Totally true about wanting the baby to look like you. I argue all the time that Emmanuelle looks like me too. I'm dying for a twin!
And, in response to the baby having a fever... I didn't realize I was in labor, so I guess that means I won't realize when she's sick :(

8:29 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

unfortunately there is no argument. Estee is 100 percent Aaron :(

5:16 AM  

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