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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

proud mama

I swear my daughter is a genius! This morning while I was changing her and she was laughing and cooing, she rolled her tounge! That has got to be an advanced ability! Besides for that we already discussed all of her other talents, and as promised I took a picture of her in her bassinet so you can see what I was talking about the other day. Okay, so you see where her pacifier is? That is where her head started and her feet were straight out in front of her. The other day she was straighter in that position and her legs were up on the sides because they didn't fit. Today the reason why her head is like that is because she was trying to flip over but didn't have enough room.
Another thing she does when she's talking is, she says "ahgoo!" Now being that my undergrad BA is in speech pathology I know that the hard g sound is one of the hardest to say. All the glottal and gutteral sounds are. So she must be advanced right?


Blogger JTopo said...

Right! Bli Ayin Hora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:07 AM  

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