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Monday, October 31, 2005

One of those Moms

When I was younger we used to cut through the local playground to get to shul. One particular Shabbos some children were playing quite rowdy and my mother stopped us so she can yell at them about the dangers of this kind of behavior. It was quite mortifying and I vowed to never do such a thing. I have not yet gone this far but unfortunately I can see myself being one of those mothers. Upon pulling my car into the lot of my apartment building this afternoon I noticed a maintenance man facing the wall of one of the garages. It took me only a second to realize that he was releaving himself of his full bladder in full view of anyone that was walking by (not to mention in the parking lot that I pay monthly for him to upkeep.) Granted I could only see his back but I could only see how a conversation with a child would go. Mommy what is that man doing? Oh he's just peeing. Why is he doing it outside? I don't know, he's rather disgusting...I'm not quite sure how well that would work out. So, I did what any mother would do. I called the maintenance office and complained. Yes, I am definitely turning into one of those. One day when I was pregnant, I was driving to work and I must not have been driving fast enough for the mini bus behind me. He illegally passed me by speeding up along side me and pushing his way in front of me. Before doing so, he kept the front of his car in such close proximity with the back of mine that I was afraid he'd be sitting in my front seat if I stopped short. Once he passed me I saw that there was a How am I driving phone numbers on the back of his bus and seized the opportunity. I told the manager, thank G-d there were no children on that bus but a man that transports children should not under any circumstances drive like that and if I were a parent of children on that bus I would be furious. I continued to say that luckily nothing has happened thus far and they should really rectify the situation before something does happen. So I've made some crazy phone calls, I only hope that I won't cross the line into yelling at other people's children but you never know. If my children seemed threatened in any way who knows how I will react!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

No mans land

I found a terrible place and I am not sure anybody knows it exists but once you realize it's there you won't be too happy. There's a tiny little crevice where the nipple of the pacifier meets the plastic and it is a very horrible place. The other day I saw a hair on Estee's pacifier and I went to take it off. By doing so I discovered a treasure trove of dirt and grime in this little crevice. I was disgusted! This is what I let go into my daughter's mouth?? How to remove it? I tried everything without actually pulling the nipple out and no matter how much I tried more dirt emerged as I pulled. It's like a bottomless pit crevice. I was horrified. Of course, I called Gerber immediately to inquire about this crevice. It took a while for them to understand my description of what this crevice actually is. The woman finally went and got herself a "nuk" (that's the type of pacifier) so she can see what I was talking about. She concluded that it is time for me to buy new pacifiers for her. (obviously! Like I'm going to put that in her mouth again!) But, I did get 8 $1.00 coupons in the mail as compensation. I'm not really sure how you can really compensate for such a crevice but I'll take the coupons! That day I went out to buy more pacifiers and it seems the silicon as opposed to the latex has less of a crevice so we will try that one. I am also aware of the crevice now so I check for it every cleaning. On a happier note Estee finally fits into her cool rattle socks. I'm not quite sure she even knows her feet exist but she still enjoyed listening to the noise they made every time she kicks!

Friday, October 28, 2005

proof that I'm not crazy

An article in this month's Parent's magazine by Jessica Brown is titled: "Germs in the Waiting Room." It describes ways to prevent your child from getting sick at the doctor's office. #3 on the list is: " Bring your own toys. Letting your child play with the balls and books in the doctor's office is a big mistake. After all a child with the stomach flu could have been chewing on that toy five minutes before you arrived....Bringing your own toy may also discourage your child from exploring and this is not hte time you want him making friends with the toddler across the room with bronchitis..." You see! I'm not crazy! If Parent's magazine is writing a whole article about this topic I can't possibly be crazy for wanting to do this exact thing. So there all you people that thing I'm too nervous!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Not following the rules

I don't know if it makes me a bad parent but I just couldn't do it. The dr. told me if she is over tired and has already bathed and isn't eating anymore I should just put her to bed. If she cries I should let her. 5 minutes and 39 seconds of her crying was agony enough. With tears in my eyes I told Aaron I am getting her. He said I shouldn't but I did. She is in my arms watching the computer screen and switching off between rubbing, scratching and hitting my belly. We're both in seventh heaven so why not? Am I bad for not listening to the dr.? Will I really regret it later?
There have been a few instances when I have put Estee in the bath and she immediately peed. On Rosh Hashana she did this, laughed, I took her out gave her to Aaron wrapped in a towel while I refilled the bath. This process occured twice more before I finally decided to just sponge bathe her. Aaron is convinced that she must always pee when she is in the bath and I just don't realize. I made a habit of always looking at that area to see if there is any movement in the water unnatural to the normal bathtub. I also noticed that she tends to put on a really big grin as she is peeing. Tonight I saw the grin first and I quickly looked down and sure enough there was a flow. Aaron wasn't home so I couldn't give him our naked daughter to hold while I refilled the bath. For a moment I contemplated continuing the bath anyway considering Aaron thinks she always pees. Just as my fondness of hygeine was taking over (if she pees and I don't know about it that's one thing, bathing her knowingly in pee is another.) bubbles begin erupting in the water near her legs. Before I had time to think I saw something emerging from her and it was not pretty. I quickly whisked her out of the bath, onto a towel and got a clean diaper under her. The bath stayed clean and the towel only suffered a minor stain. I'm still somewhat perplexed about this peeing thing though. Is she doing it every time? If so, is she getting clean? How do I stop it from happening? Is it the warm water?
On another note, she's sleeping. I didn't rock her, she just wanteed comfort, is that so bad?


"My name is Estee and I am a pacifieroric." Yes, that is a real term, because I made it up! My daugther definitely has a serious addiction to her pacifier. When she is distraught she turns to it, when she is hungry she turns to it, when she seeks comfort she turns to it. I must start a support group for other babies. Paciferorics annoymous, or PA. It wouldn't be such a bad addiction if she was able to help support the addiction herself. Unfortunately she is so dependant on others help. Without us, she would never get the darn thing in her mouth. Even when she is in a deep sleep if it falls out someone (most likely me) has to run and put it back in before she fully wakes up. You see, she has to stay in our room how else would that work out?

two more cute ones

Mommy, you tell the funniest jokes, you crack me up!


Mommy is so proud of me because I can finally reach and grab for things I see! But please don't break my concentration, I am trying so hard!
Yay! I finally got my finger and boy is it yummy in my tummy!
I have this look on my face because I know Abba won't be happy when he sees me but deep down I'm a Yankee fan all the way!! Me and Mommy don't like the Mets!

Monday, October 24, 2005

The things we enjoy

Estee is a funny little girl. First of all she really knows me it is so cute. I was cutting up vegetables and she was sitting in her bouncy seat and she kept doing this fake cry thing. I went over to her and she would stop. I decided to take her over to where I was cutting and sing to her as I was cutting and she was fine. I can't believe she already has a fake cry! Estee also really likes trees. I know I have mentioned that before. She can stare at them outside for hours. While I was hitting my Aravot, she got a little cranky. I knew I had more cooking to do and decided to be resourceful. I stuck the stem of the Aravot into the seat right next to her, right in her line of vision. Not only did she calm down but they put her to sleep!! (see picture) I swear we don't have to buy this kid any toys, all she needs is a ceiling fan, a tree and a warning label and she will be so happy!

Friday, October 21, 2005

The incredible feat

It has been a while since I had company over for yom tov or shabbos. The end of my pregnancy was very difficult and when Estee was first born I didn't have a free moment. With Shmini Atzeret and Simchas Torah approaching and the fact that little Es is a bit more independant I figured I could attempt the guest thing. Of course since it's been a while I have to make a lot! It used to take me a few hours to do all my cooking. Today it took a few hours to do half. Maybe even less than half. But the greatest feat of all came when I was making my apple kugel. If I didn't know it before, it has been made crystal clear that I am really a mother. Halfway through slicing my apples into thin slices, Estee began to get a bit cranky. At first it seemed like she was singing along with my Eitan and Shlomo Katz cd which was quite funny but, her singing turned into kvetching. I went over and put the pacifier in her mouth but she didn't want it and just laughed at me. After attempting that a few times I realized that the only time she was content was when I was with her. I tried to distract her while I was cutting but the kvetching turned into crying. What to do? I did what any mother would do. I picked her up, faced her outward, put her on my hip and continued to cook. With my baby in one hand and my spatula in the other I proceeded to spread apricot preserves, mix batter, spread batter, and put three dishes in the oven. Wooo. I feel accomplished. Of course, the second the food went into the oven, she fell asleep. Figures...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mommy's new hobby

It started out with enfamil and when Aaron realized my new talent, he encouraged me to do it more often with more companies. Every time we looked into to changing Estee's formula I spoke with enfamil about the options. Each time I did this they would send me two containers of whatever type we were talking about to "sample." This past time when we were going to put her on nutramigen and saw how expensive it was I figured I would try it again. They didn't have any powder in stock so they said they would send me liquid. A week or so later, a box came in the mail. I opened it and found 6 pre made jars of formula, each jar giving us a 48 hour supply. 2 days later a box came with two more. We hit a gold mine! Each container is 22-24 dollars so that was 180 dollars or more! I think Aaron is really proud of my new talent and he has encouraged me to try it in other ways. Now, it isn't stealing because Aaron is very machpid on things like that. He won't burn cds for that reason. I spoke with playtex last week because I bought a package of 5 ventair bottles (to prevent gas) but she wouldn't take them because she is used to the nurser nipple. I asked if they make a nurser nipple for the ventair that I could just buy and they said they do but I would have to get all new bottles. They said they would send me a postage paid sticker to send them back plus coupons and when they receive the bottles they will send me coupons to replace the bottles. There were 4 coupons for free playtex products up to 5 dollars! The week before that I did it with tropicana because Aaron bought low sugar thinking that that is all it was, not realizing it contains splenda. I told the woman I am nursing and cannot have splenda and that they should put some kind of larger warning: contains artificial sweetner. She explained the whole process of the orange juice to me and sent me a coupon for a free orange juice. This morning I called huggies to inquire about their products. You see, Estee somewhat sleeps through the night but she is only in a size 1 diaper (having only recently graduated from newborn size). She is quite small. But, they do not make overnight diapers in her size so she often leaks. Furthermore, since her legs are so skinny sometimes she leaks through there too. We can make it tight around her waist but then it might cut her skin. They too are sending me coupons. I am not quite sure how that remedies the situation but hey, free diapers, I'm not complaining!
Sukkos was Estee's real debut in shul. I've physically taken her to shul but never inside. I must say, she was quite good. She only almost cried once but I got the pacifier right in her mouth before it became disturbing. She loved watching hoshanos because she loves trees. After shul she was very much on display. Everyone and their grandmother came over to see her. I have to say I behaved quite well. I cringed and hyperventaled on the inside but I kept my mouth shut. For the most part people behaved themselves and only touched her body or leg. Every so often someone did more than that and I turned to my sister and said I wish I had a brown paper bag to breath into. But overall, it wasn't so bad in retrospect. We may even do it again next week! It's a shame because she was wearing the cutest outfit ever and we couldn't even take a picture. I'll put it this way- lots of coordination! My daughter is very stylish with her matching hat and shoes. This very handsome 1 year old boy couldn't take his eyes off of her!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cute outfit

I know you can't see her face well but I just wanted to show off her cute outfit compliments to the Marcus'.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

How it all began

Today I decided that I was going to take Estee to shul to meet Aaron because we were invited out. I got her dressed in a pretty dress and tights with ruffles on the tush. For some reason she thought it would be funny to not only kick off the blanket I kept putting on her to keep her warm but also to take her dress in her hand and lift it up for everyone to see those cute little tights. Every time she did it, she laughed which makes me assume she understood what she was doing! I tried to explain to her that it is cold out but she didn't seem to care. I also tried to explain to her that it's not very tznius but she didn't seem to care about that either. That better change soon...
Well anyway, today I was thinking...I started this blog when Estee was 6 weeks old and I filled you in briefly about life up until that point but I realized that I never told you about the actual labor. Well, here goes...this is how it all began....
I had just finished my childbirth classes and had been growing more and more uncomfortable by the day. The teacher constantly reminded us that the beginning stages of labor could be mild like cramps. Because of this, any pain I would get starting in my 35th week, I would look at the clock to make sure that my pains weren't a certain amount of time apart, making them contractions. The teacher also told us that the beginning stages of labor can be 12 hours so we should plan to stay at home, going for occasional walks or watching movies. I had it all planned out. If Aaron was at work I'd call him and then watch all our dvds. If he was home, we'd do something fun together like play a game! I guess I never listened when I was told that things don't always work out the way we plan them. Wednesday night June 30th: Aaron was out at shiur and my mucous plug came out. Hey, I remembered learning about this! This is a sign! I called the doctor and he basically told me that this can indicate the start of labor but it can also mean that labor is a week or two away so it is a "non-event." I don't know, to me it was still an event!! I took out my trusty what to expect when expecting bible and looked up everything they had to see about mucous plugs. They too said that it can be another week or two. But I knew. That night, every hour on the hour I woke up with a small pain. I knew this had to be it but I didn't want to tell Aaron, not yet atleast, not until I was sure! Thursday July 1st throughout the day I would get periods of time where pains would come at regular intervals but it wasn't consistant. During our staff meeting my co-workers got great kosher chinese food in order to bid me goodbye. Every half our I felt a pain. But, I didn't want to tell anyone, in case it wasn't real. They, of course having no need for chinese food were so kind and gave me all the leftovers to take home. Of course, being the pregnant pig I was I helped myself to another portion when I got home. Shortly after enjoying my chinese food my aunt came to pick me up to take me for a routine sonogram. I just had this heavy inclinition that I would need someone with me at the doctor's office. They told me that little Estee was approximately 6lbs 3 oz in my womb. The technician also asked if my water broke, which I thought was kind of strange. After my sonogram I was examined by my doctor. She did a few acidity tests and told me that she thinks my membranes ruptured. It is dangerous for me to wait for labor and she will have to send me to the hospital to be induced. It was so surreal. For the past month or so with the sciatica pains getting worse and the bladder pressure becoming unbearable I declared to everyone that I was ready and I want her to be as early as possible (and still be to term). But, the second the doctor told me that I freaked, well in my head. I kept my composure and said "can I go please tell my aunt?" The second I reached my aunt I was in hysterics. "I'm not ready! This isn't how I planned it! I'm supposed to be watching movies! We didn't finish packing!! I ate chinese food today!!" (you see, a week before we closed on our new apartment that we went to contract in in December. we never thought that it would take so close to close. Moving day was set for the following Thursday) My aunt told me not to worry, everyone would help out and she reminded me that my baby is coming. I got so excited. Scared, but very excited. I couldn't wait to see my little cutie pie! Aaron met us at the hospital and they hooked me up to a monitor that measured my contractions along with the baby's heartbeat. The doctor examined me said I was only 3 cm dilated (I was already 2 at my last OB visit) and my contractions weren't coming fast and hard enough. He decided to give me medicine to sleep and would check me again in the morning. If my labor hadn't progressed he would induce. I slept about an hour or so. Aaron slept in the chair. Around 2 am I woke to the woman next door screaming her brains out "it hurts, it hurts! I can't do this, it hurts!!" Oh boy! Sleep was not an option. I was determined to hear the cute cry of her baby so I would feel better about her pain but it never came. I found out in the morning that she had a cesarian. When the doctor returned in the morning he told me to my dismay that my waters did not in fact break and my membranes were still intact (well woohoo) He told me I have to make a decision. My choices were, enducing labor which at this point isn't necessary or going home and waiting for it to come naturally. Although I really wanted to see my baby I knew that waiting would be best. I was filled with such utter disappointment. I went into the hospital the night before positive that I was going to leave with my baby and in fact I was leaving still pregnant. I now had to go through the pleasure of calling everyone in my family and saying "false alarm!!" The good news was we had reservations for the rye town hilton lasko kosher family tours july 4th weekend and the doctor said to go for it, so we did! With my hospital bag in the trunk of the car and cabfare in our pockets (in case labor happened on shabbos) we made our trek. The whole week all I could think about was that lady next door to my labor room screaming. Tuesday morning July 5 I had an appointment to check on my water. When I walked in my doctor said "hey I thought I sent you to give birth." I answered "oh shoot. Guess I'm still pregnant." Thursday morning, July 7th, moving day. 9:00 am the movers were expected at our old apartment and 9:00 am the carpet guys were expected at our new apartment. 8:45 am I woke up got out of bed and felt warm liquid gush down my leg. "Hey I know what this is!" I thought. I called my dr. she said I should come now but I can shower first. I called Aaron and told him the news. His parents and my stepfather had to take care of the apartment situation. At 12 pm my labor didn't progress much so they gave me petocin (to induce). That was the day of the london subway bombings and I told Aaron I didn't want to keep watching that on tv. I suffered through my painful contractions while enjoying old dawson's creek reruns. Halfway through general hospital my contractions got unbearable. I kept screaming at Aaron "I can't take this anymore I want to go home." Although I am terribly afraid of needles I succumbed to the pain and finally opted for the epidural. I had the head of the department, yipee! They first give you a shot in the back to numb the area and then they put the epidural in. Well, of course just like when my dad gives me novicane (he's a dentist don't worry) I didn't get numb right away. I had to get 6 shots. oh joy! By the way you have to stay extremely still the whole time. Needless to say, my legs were jelly. I wasn't allowed to get up and go to the bathroom. I had absolutely no feeling in my legs whatsoever. At 10:30 that night I was finally 10 cm but they said I wasn't fully effaced. So, I had to wait more. At 11:30 I was finally ready to push. But to my utter horror they said they are going to stop the epidural drip so I can feel the contractions and know when to push. Why can't I just look at the screen? Why can't you just tell me!!?? They didn't listen and oh boy did it hurt! Since I was in so much pain and since I wanted to see my child so badly I pushed and pushed. I was determined to get it over with fast. Halfway through the pushing they asked if a nursing student could watch, sure why not, the more the merrier, just get this thing out of me!!
At 12:34 Am July 8th my beautiful Esther Malka was born at 6 lbs 7 oz. I guess the sonogram was accurate after all. It was the most beautiful experience ever. (even though it hurt.) When the doctor said "it's a girl" and plopped her on my lap I cried tears of joy just like in the movies. The nursing student said it was the most beautiful labor she has ever seen. Well, I'm mighty glad she liked it! So friends, this is why when people ask "how long was your labor?" I answer, "approximately a week."

Friday, October 14, 2005

Some things improve, others don't

I was looking back at my first few posts and I'd just like to mention that things have gotten (Thank g-d) so much better! I can now get things done even when she is awake. She is content for much longer periods of time then she would be 2 months ago. I can easily take her out of the house and I don't have to make sure she is sleeping first. I also would like to say that if pacifiers would never have been invented my child would be miserable. 70% of the time that she is awake and not eating she is sucking on that thing. To think that when she was first born I had a cow when my mother tried to give it to her. I guess in some ways I calmed down a little. But, in others I haven't. I'm not quite sure what is the matter with some people. Are they ignorant, do they just not think, or do they just not care? Why on earth would a person who is not in my family take their grubby fingers and touch a 3 month old baby's hand? So many people met this girl for the first time yesterday and the first thing they did was say "oh hi" in their high pitched voices and went straight for her hands! When they weren't looking I ran away and wiped her hands with wipes. I seriously don't get it. The first thing a baby does (especially mine the big sucker) is stick their hands in their mouths. If your hands just blew your nose, just ate food, just shook someone else's dirty hand and now you are touching her hand all those germs are going to end up in her mouth! Think people! Touch her foot for goodness sakes, it's just as cute. I know she has to be exposed to germs to build up her immune system which is why I am allowing her to be around people. (I am going to take her to shul for the first time sukkos, she has the cutest outfit!) But that doesn't mean I should stick germs in her mouth to build up her immune system! I might as well just take her to the doctors office and ask one of the sick kids to breath in her face just to make sure her immune system gets stronger. While I am on the doctor's office I would like to add something for those of you who already thing I am crazy.
When she is old enough I am bringing her own toys. There is no way that she is putting those germ filled toys in her mouth when she is just there for a checkup! You can call me crazy all you want. She is my kid and I decide what I want to do with her. Which leaves me with my last rant before I sign off. I AM neurotic. I admit it. But, I love my daughter and want what's best for her. I am also her mother, not you. So, if one more person tells me to relax or gives me unsolicited advice I WILL scream. And, with that I will wish you all (if you celebrate) a great shabbos and enjoy the cute pictures!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

weaning mommy

So, Estee is three months and she is still sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom. Is that normal? I keep making up excuses as to why I can't yet move her. First, we needed a monitor, now I have to wash the sheets. I think she'll be fine, it's me I'm worried about. Is there a way to wean me off of my sleeping attachment? Maybe if I sleep in her bedroom with her for a few nights? Kinda ease my way into it...
Speaking of weaning. I'm torn. I would love to continue nursing because it truly is best for her but at the same time I gave up on my Friday rituals of trying on clothes because the truth is, nothing fits and it won't because I'm not dieting. You can't diet while nursing because the baby won't get enough nutrition. What to do what to do. I also like to just add that being that I have to wean myself with the whole sleeping situation, I really think that weaning a baby off of nursing is really for the mother's benefit. I'm so attached to it and I'm not sure how much she cares either way. I know many of you may argue but my kid has no problem taking a bottle from me. I just really want to continue nursing. And, on the other hand, I don't. Okay it's serious posting time people. I need some answers!

ps- I saw someone's blog had an option that if you want to be notified every time a new post is put up to type in your email address. Anyone know how I can put this on my blog?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My silly little girl!

Last night Estee made up her mind. No matter how much we wanted it, she was NOT going to go to sleep. After her bath it was clear to me that she was starving. It was the perfect time, 9:15. I began to feed her and she drank and drank like she always does. I anticipated her usual drifting off, but it didn't happen. She acted like she wanted more so I put another 2 ounces in the bottle. She got upset, I gave her the pacifier and then tried again. Sometimes it works, this time it didn't. She spit up a lot so I needed to let her stomach settle. I put her in bed figuring maybe this time we will listen to the doctor. This didn't work either! She was laughing, singing and playing but NOT falling asleep! At 11 I decided enough is enough, maybe her stomach is settled and she is still hungry. I tried the bottle, nothing...I tried the pacifier, nothing! She was acting like she was hungry by opening her mouth and shaking her head back and forth looking for some food source. I thought maybe she wasn't taking the bottle because she couldn't breathe. Who knows? Everytime I tried she screamed. I lifted her up with her head on my shoulder and shushed in her ear to calm her down. She continued to shake her head back and forth though looking for a food source. The next thing I knew, the kid was sucking on my cheek. Not only did I think this was the funniest thing ever but it tickled so much! I started laughing hysterically and of course so did she. I think deep down she knows what she's doing. Aaron thought otherwise. He said maybe she is going for your cheek because she doesn't want a bottle and she wants to eat from you. That didn't work either, but good try Aaron. Finally finally the pacifier worked and she started to drift off. I did my usual trick on her and when she was almost sleeping I stuck the bottle in. She drink another 1/2 ounce and was really sleeping this time.
On another note, you know when you say hi to a baby in a high pitched voice to make them smile? Well lately I have been saying "hello" instead. Aaron confessed to me last night that my hello has really been driving him crazy because I sound like Mrs. Doubtfire. For some reason this has made him really angry, but for some reason I can't stop. Kinda like the whole kutchkiloo thing. Which by the way has turned into kutchkalutchka. yup, that has been my new name for my kid. Sometimes its boojee (the j pronounced like the second g in garage). Who knows where I come up with these crazy names but she seems to like them and that is all that matters right?

Monday, October 10, 2005

The most terrible invention

whoever thought they were a genius when they decided that stuffing a large silicone tube up a babies nose to get out the junk, was sadly mistaken. The most terrible invention ever: the aspirator. For those of you that have never seen an aspirator, here is a picture. the tube part goes up in the baby's small nostril and you squeeze the part where my hands are to get everything out. In the inventor's defense I know there may be no other way to get the snot out but this is just plain abuse. Poor Estee isn't sick but for some reason has a stuffy nose. The doctor said to put saline drops to make it easier to aspirate. You'd think that something so wonderful and powerful as an aspirator would suck everything out in one squeeze but that isn't the case. my poor baby had to suffer through 5 sucks on each nostril and her nose is still stuffy!! Between each suck I gave her a pacifier to calm her down and to take a break. I want you to try sticking that thing up your nose! We should all consider ourselves lucky that we are coordinated enough to just use a tissue and blow. This poor innocent child was just minding her own business, hitting herself in the face, when wham a nostril vacuum comes stretches out her tiny little nostrils, pulls out whatever's in there and probably scares her on top of it. And to top it all off, it didn't even work. Yes, stuff came out, but stuff is still in there! she is still snorting! I vow to find another way! My father in law sent me an article yesterday about people that toilet train their babies at 4-6 months. (that's a post for another day)(
If they are taking part in this psychotic trend why can't I teach my child to blow her own nose? I guess it might have to wait until after she learns how to put her thumb in her mouth without smacking herself in the face.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

mommy, look what I can do!

This is how i sing with my mommy!
Now I know I'm really a mommy. You know how sometimes you can't get a song out of your head to the point where you're singing it in your head as you fall asleep? Last night my mind was switching back and forth between do you know the muffin man and little bo peep has lost her sheep. Thank G-d I finally got that terrible song about the dead goose out of my head! That is truly terrible. If I knew who wrote it I would write them a letter. Perhaps even send them a referral to a psychologist.
Estee is now at the age where she does new things every day. In addition to smiling, laughing, making sounds, and screetching, she also now "talks" to me and to her stuffed animals. It's very cute. Before, she was laying on her mat for 30 minutes just cooing and sighing and screetching and laughing at the animals hanging down. she finally got tired I guess because she was fast asleep afterwards. The newest thing she does has got to be the cutest of all. If I am singing to her she tries to sing along. It's not very coherent but it's darn cute. I told you my daughter is advanced!!
Lastly, I would just like to say that taking your child for shots does not get any easier each time you do it! Thursday I took her for shots. The first shot my mother distracted her so much that she didn't even notice she had it. I thought whew! that was close, I thought it would be bad and it wasn't. The second shot she screamed so loud you'd think that someone was killing her! It was the most terrible thing ever! The doctor was on one side of her and my mother was on the other side and I couldn't get to her and all I wanted to do was comfort her and I couldn't. I got a little dizzy. My mother claims it was because of the shot. I thought it was dehydration, who knows? I begged the doctor to please give me the shots next time. I think he thinks I'm a little loony.
On the up side, she is 2 whole inches taller than a month ago! wow that is tall! her 3-6 month clothes are big on her a little but some are too short. my daughter, the basketball player!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Oh the things you can do in the shower..

Listen to this quote:
"don't tell aunt rodie, don't tell aunt rodie, her old gray goose is dead. the one shes been saving, to stuff her featherbed, she died last friday, she died last friday, from standing on her head...."
sad music plays
"the goslins are weeping, because their mother's dead, the gander is mourning because his wife is dead. "
That my friends was the words to a kids song on a cd I was playing for Estee. Lovely isn't it? Am I crazy or something? Why on earth would that be a kids song? I can just see it now 3 year old Estee is going to say "Mommy, what's dead?" great, just great!
Well, the time is getting very late, and Aaron is still out doing his preperations for the upcoming holiday and I had not yet showered. I could just envision the mad rush to get it all done and still be able to light candles and keep her calm at the last second. So I decided, why not try it? I put her in her bouncy seat with the aquarium in front of the shower and I figured what could be the worst that can happen? If she cries I can reach her and stick a pacifier in her mouth. What a fun time we had! Estee was the perfect audience for my one man show. I left the curtain half open so I could see her and the door to the bathroom open so it wouldn't get steamy. At first I would just periodically check on her in between scrubs but then I decided it was time to go all out. With razor in one hand acting as my microphone and shaving cream on my legs I decided it was time to belt out the eensy weensy spider which made my audience of one filled with such glee! I hope one day when she gets older and starts going to real concerts, she will always remember her first and best.

pictures with Abba

Getting pleasure out of scaring mommy

Yesterday and today when I was out 2 different people at 2 different places were walking with their strollers. One person left her stroller to go give a beggar money and the other person left her stroller to talk on her phone a good 5 feet away. Both had their backs to their babies for atleast 2 minutes. I was outraged! Didn't they realize that in those few seconds that they were turned around that someone could snatch their child? One person was on busy main street and the other was in a department store. Someone could have ran off so fast that by the time either one of these women turned around the baby would be gone! Despite what I was feeling, I knew I had to control myself. I really wanted to say something to these women. Maybe no one told them. I'm sure it's not that they don't care. I'm sure they would be devestated if something happened. But rather than opening my mouth I took it upon myself to keep an eye on those children until the mother returned to them. Unfortunately, I won't always be there. I hope someone teaches these women. Am I crazy?
Estee no longer pulls her hair for kicks, she does something else to give her mother a scare. Lately she has been producing a lot of drool. It is a possibility that she might be teething. For some reason unbeknowst to me, she likes to save the drool in her mouth rather than swallowing it. Now, there isn't anything wrong with her swallowing mechanism, because she swallows her food. So, perhaps she likes to keep her mouth moist, who knows? I haven't quite figured out how her little mind works. But anyhow, often, she will spit up clear liquid because there is so much in her mouth, that I can handle, it doesn't even stain her clothes! But twice already she has had so much in her mouth that out of no where she just began to choke! It was the bath scare all over again only this time, I left the room for a minute and came back and she was tearing and coughing. This time I did call the doctor and he said not to worry that she has a natural gag reflex that will stop her from aspirating. whew thank G-d for that! But why the heck is she doing it? who knows!!?
ps- He said that it is okay that she swallowed the bath water.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sorry, this is not a funny post

Last night I had the worst scare so far of motherhood. I am sure there will be worse scares, that in and of itself frightens me. I was giving Estee a bath and we were singing and laughing. Rather, I was singing, she was laughing. As you probably have seen in some pictures or if you have met her, sometimes when Estee smiles or laughs she turns her head to the side. Well last night she did just that, into the bath water. It was totally unexpected and I quickly pulled her out (obviously) I will never forget the look on her face. It was the scariest look ever and I dreamt about it last night. My poor baby looked so afraid and she also was not breathing. For some reason I froze and I screamed for Aaron. He took her and she started to make choking noises. At that moment my clarity returned and I told him to flip her over. In between her choking noises she started to cry a terrible cry (which meant she was breathing, Thank G-d) and spit up a little. I hugged her cute precious little naked body so tight and we cried in eachothers arms. I was probably more upset than her. Then the nerves hit. What if there's still water in her lungs, what if she swallowed some of the soapy water and that is bad for her. Etc, Etc...Recently a friend of ours had a similar experience and was equally nervous so they called the pediatritian (same one we have). Aaron called them for me so I would calm down. My friend told me everything the doctor said, he is breathing now, so he is fine, he is coughing or crying so he is fine. Estee was literally sitting and laughing at me while I was still in tears but I was still afraid. When I got off the phone I said to Aaron, their son is almost a year old, what if it is okay for an older kid to swallow soapy water but not for a 3 month old? I called my mother and mother in law and father for further comfort. I think I was finally comforted because I did allow myself to go to sleep without checking on her every five seconds. I did though feel her chest for breathing a few times but that is to be expected. Do you think this is a situation that warranted paging our pediatritian at 9:30 on a saturday night?

**If anyone that is reading this is a parent, or will be one soon, please never leave your child unattended in the bathtub (even an older child) if I wasn't standing right there she could have G-d forbid drowned...**