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Sunday, October 09, 2005

mommy, look what I can do!

This is how i sing with my mommy!
Now I know I'm really a mommy. You know how sometimes you can't get a song out of your head to the point where you're singing it in your head as you fall asleep? Last night my mind was switching back and forth between do you know the muffin man and little bo peep has lost her sheep. Thank G-d I finally got that terrible song about the dead goose out of my head! That is truly terrible. If I knew who wrote it I would write them a letter. Perhaps even send them a referral to a psychologist.
Estee is now at the age where she does new things every day. In addition to smiling, laughing, making sounds, and screetching, she also now "talks" to me and to her stuffed animals. It's very cute. Before, she was laying on her mat for 30 minutes just cooing and sighing and screetching and laughing at the animals hanging down. she finally got tired I guess because she was fast asleep afterwards. The newest thing she does has got to be the cutest of all. If I am singing to her she tries to sing along. It's not very coherent but it's darn cute. I told you my daughter is advanced!!
Lastly, I would just like to say that taking your child for shots does not get any easier each time you do it! Thursday I took her for shots. The first shot my mother distracted her so much that she didn't even notice she had it. I thought whew! that was close, I thought it would be bad and it wasn't. The second shot she screamed so loud you'd think that someone was killing her! It was the most terrible thing ever! The doctor was on one side of her and my mother was on the other side and I couldn't get to her and all I wanted to do was comfort her and I couldn't. I got a little dizzy. My mother claims it was because of the shot. I thought it was dehydration, who knows? I begged the doctor to please give me the shots next time. I think he thinks I'm a little loony.
On the up side, she is 2 whole inches taller than a month ago! wow that is tall! her 3-6 month clothes are big on her a little but some are too short. my daughter, the basketball player!


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