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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mommy's new hobby

It started out with enfamil and when Aaron realized my new talent, he encouraged me to do it more often with more companies. Every time we looked into to changing Estee's formula I spoke with enfamil about the options. Each time I did this they would send me two containers of whatever type we were talking about to "sample." This past time when we were going to put her on nutramigen and saw how expensive it was I figured I would try it again. They didn't have any powder in stock so they said they would send me liquid. A week or so later, a box came in the mail. I opened it and found 6 pre made jars of formula, each jar giving us a 48 hour supply. 2 days later a box came with two more. We hit a gold mine! Each container is 22-24 dollars so that was 180 dollars or more! I think Aaron is really proud of my new talent and he has encouraged me to try it in other ways. Now, it isn't stealing because Aaron is very machpid on things like that. He won't burn cds for that reason. I spoke with playtex last week because I bought a package of 5 ventair bottles (to prevent gas) but she wouldn't take them because she is used to the nurser nipple. I asked if they make a nurser nipple for the ventair that I could just buy and they said they do but I would have to get all new bottles. They said they would send me a postage paid sticker to send them back plus coupons and when they receive the bottles they will send me coupons to replace the bottles. There were 4 coupons for free playtex products up to 5 dollars! The week before that I did it with tropicana because Aaron bought low sugar thinking that that is all it was, not realizing it contains splenda. I told the woman I am nursing and cannot have splenda and that they should put some kind of larger warning: contains artificial sweetner. She explained the whole process of the orange juice to me and sent me a coupon for a free orange juice. This morning I called huggies to inquire about their products. You see, Estee somewhat sleeps through the night but she is only in a size 1 diaper (having only recently graduated from newborn size). She is quite small. But, they do not make overnight diapers in her size so she often leaks. Furthermore, since her legs are so skinny sometimes she leaks through there too. We can make it tight around her waist but then it might cut her skin. They too are sending me coupons. I am not quite sure how that remedies the situation but hey, free diapers, I'm not complaining!
Sukkos was Estee's real debut in shul. I've physically taken her to shul but never inside. I must say, she was quite good. She only almost cried once but I got the pacifier right in her mouth before it became disturbing. She loved watching hoshanos because she loves trees. After shul she was very much on display. Everyone and their grandmother came over to see her. I have to say I behaved quite well. I cringed and hyperventaled on the inside but I kept my mouth shut. For the most part people behaved themselves and only touched her body or leg. Every so often someone did more than that and I turned to my sister and said I wish I had a brown paper bag to breath into. But overall, it wasn't so bad in retrospect. We may even do it again next week! It's a shame because she was wearing the cutest outfit ever and we couldn't even take a picture. I'll put it this way- lots of coordination! My daughter is very stylish with her matching hat and shoes. This very handsome 1 year old boy couldn't take his eyes off of her!


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