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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My silly little girl!

Last night Estee made up her mind. No matter how much we wanted it, she was NOT going to go to sleep. After her bath it was clear to me that she was starving. It was the perfect time, 9:15. I began to feed her and she drank and drank like she always does. I anticipated her usual drifting off, but it didn't happen. She acted like she wanted more so I put another 2 ounces in the bottle. She got upset, I gave her the pacifier and then tried again. Sometimes it works, this time it didn't. She spit up a lot so I needed to let her stomach settle. I put her in bed figuring maybe this time we will listen to the doctor. This didn't work either! She was laughing, singing and playing but NOT falling asleep! At 11 I decided enough is enough, maybe her stomach is settled and she is still hungry. I tried the bottle, nothing...I tried the pacifier, nothing! She was acting like she was hungry by opening her mouth and shaking her head back and forth looking for some food source. I thought maybe she wasn't taking the bottle because she couldn't breathe. Who knows? Everytime I tried she screamed. I lifted her up with her head on my shoulder and shushed in her ear to calm her down. She continued to shake her head back and forth though looking for a food source. The next thing I knew, the kid was sucking on my cheek. Not only did I think this was the funniest thing ever but it tickled so much! I started laughing hysterically and of course so did she. I think deep down she knows what she's doing. Aaron thought otherwise. He said maybe she is going for your cheek because she doesn't want a bottle and she wants to eat from you. That didn't work either, but good try Aaron. Finally finally the pacifier worked and she started to drift off. I did my usual trick on her and when she was almost sleeping I stuck the bottle in. She drink another 1/2 ounce and was really sleeping this time.
On another note, you know when you say hi to a baby in a high pitched voice to make them smile? Well lately I have been saying "hello" instead. Aaron confessed to me last night that my hello has really been driving him crazy because I sound like Mrs. Doubtfire. For some reason this has made him really angry, but for some reason I can't stop. Kinda like the whole kutchkiloo thing. Which by the way has turned into kutchkalutchka. yup, that has been my new name for my kid. Sometimes its boojee (the j pronounced like the second g in garage). Who knows where I come up with these crazy names but she seems to like them and that is all that matters right?


Blogger JTopo said...

The sucking of the cheek is hysterical- I was thinking the exact same thing as Aaron- which isn't so far off ya know. I had when I hold babies that are breast fed and they start going for mine- so awkward and embaressing. Anyway,,, haha. I'm glad the little pisher at least finds humor in it all!

5:54 AM  
Blogger JTopo said...

^hate not had

5:54 AM  

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