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Monday, October 31, 2005

One of those Moms

When I was younger we used to cut through the local playground to get to shul. One particular Shabbos some children were playing quite rowdy and my mother stopped us so she can yell at them about the dangers of this kind of behavior. It was quite mortifying and I vowed to never do such a thing. I have not yet gone this far but unfortunately I can see myself being one of those mothers. Upon pulling my car into the lot of my apartment building this afternoon I noticed a maintenance man facing the wall of one of the garages. It took me only a second to realize that he was releaving himself of his full bladder in full view of anyone that was walking by (not to mention in the parking lot that I pay monthly for him to upkeep.) Granted I could only see his back but I could only see how a conversation with a child would go. Mommy what is that man doing? Oh he's just peeing. Why is he doing it outside? I don't know, he's rather disgusting...I'm not quite sure how well that would work out. So, I did what any mother would do. I called the maintenance office and complained. Yes, I am definitely turning into one of those. One day when I was pregnant, I was driving to work and I must not have been driving fast enough for the mini bus behind me. He illegally passed me by speeding up along side me and pushing his way in front of me. Before doing so, he kept the front of his car in such close proximity with the back of mine that I was afraid he'd be sitting in my front seat if I stopped short. Once he passed me I saw that there was a How am I driving phone numbers on the back of his bus and seized the opportunity. I told the manager, thank G-d there were no children on that bus but a man that transports children should not under any circumstances drive like that and if I were a parent of children on that bus I would be furious. I continued to say that luckily nothing has happened thus far and they should really rectify the situation before something does happen. So I've made some crazy phone calls, I only hope that I won't cross the line into yelling at other people's children but you never know. If my children seemed threatened in any way who knows how I will react!


Blogger Anonymommy said...

There's a big difference between reporting illegal mictruition in your building's parking lot through proper channels and reprimanding another parent's child... I would have complained to the maintenance office, also.

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