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Friday, October 14, 2005

Some things improve, others don't

I was looking back at my first few posts and I'd just like to mention that things have gotten (Thank g-d) so much better! I can now get things done even when she is awake. She is content for much longer periods of time then she would be 2 months ago. I can easily take her out of the house and I don't have to make sure she is sleeping first. I also would like to say that if pacifiers would never have been invented my child would be miserable. 70% of the time that she is awake and not eating she is sucking on that thing. To think that when she was first born I had a cow when my mother tried to give it to her. I guess in some ways I calmed down a little. But, in others I haven't. I'm not quite sure what is the matter with some people. Are they ignorant, do they just not think, or do they just not care? Why on earth would a person who is not in my family take their grubby fingers and touch a 3 month old baby's hand? So many people met this girl for the first time yesterday and the first thing they did was say "oh hi" in their high pitched voices and went straight for her hands! When they weren't looking I ran away and wiped her hands with wipes. I seriously don't get it. The first thing a baby does (especially mine the big sucker) is stick their hands in their mouths. If your hands just blew your nose, just ate food, just shook someone else's dirty hand and now you are touching her hand all those germs are going to end up in her mouth! Think people! Touch her foot for goodness sakes, it's just as cute. I know she has to be exposed to germs to build up her immune system which is why I am allowing her to be around people. (I am going to take her to shul for the first time sukkos, she has the cutest outfit!) But that doesn't mean I should stick germs in her mouth to build up her immune system! I might as well just take her to the doctors office and ask one of the sick kids to breath in her face just to make sure her immune system gets stronger. While I am on the doctor's office I would like to add something for those of you who already thing I am crazy.
When she is old enough I am bringing her own toys. There is no way that she is putting those germ filled toys in her mouth when she is just there for a checkup! You can call me crazy all you want. She is my kid and I decide what I want to do with her. Which leaves me with my last rant before I sign off. I AM neurotic. I admit it. But, I love my daughter and want what's best for her. I am also her mother, not you. So, if one more person tells me to relax or gives me unsolicited advice I WILL scream. And, with that I will wish you all (if you celebrate) a great shabbos and enjoy the cute pictures!


Blogger Kar said...

That's why my pediatrician's office has a regular waiting room and a sick waiting room.
And hey, Becca---Relax!!!!
...Just kidding:-p

9:46 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

yeah I really like that about that doctor's office. Most don't have it though. I really like her pediatritian besides. And kar, you're almost 20 don't you think it's time to stop going to a pediatritian?

11:04 AM  

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