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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Am I terrible?

I feel like a terrible mother. At 3 am Estee woke up for a feeding. I was nursing her but she was pretty much sleeping. Some nights it's impossible to get her to fall back asleep and she kvetches in her crib for hours. This time she only ate a little and was fast asleep. Halfway through nursing she went to the bathroom. (I'm not talking about pee) I realized after that this is probaby why she woke up. Her stomach hurt and she was only nursing to soothe herself. Well, since she was sleeping, I didn't want to wake her and I just put her to bed. I am disgusted with myself. How can I make that poor child sleep in her own poop? My babysitter is coming in 15 minutes. And yes, like Monday Estee is still sleeping. (I am so sad I hate leaving when she isn't awake yet, I need my play time!) Every time she makes a peep I run in to see if she is awake and I can change her so my terrible mommy moment can remain with me and not be shared with the babysitter. But, alas, she is still asleep, in her own poop.
I feel awful, should I wake her?


Blogger Another meshugannah mommy said...

Don't wake her, and don't beat yourself up about it. You are human.

Wash her little tush well and use lots of diaper cream, and don't make a habit out of it. You'll see - she'll live.

6:24 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

when I told the babysitter, she woke her. I kinda felt bad especially since she is prone for getting rashes. but thanks for making me feel better

12:49 PM  

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