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Thursday, November 17, 2005

city of NY

We officially have no heat. For the past couple of weeks I've had maintenance come and bleed our heaters. Yesterday the following letter came in our mailbox:
Dear Residents:
Please be advised that the heat exchanger in y0ur boiler had blown a coil and is leaking very badly. we have ordered a new heat exchanger but it will take approximately two weeks to manufacturer(yes this is how it was spelled.) it and receive it. Without the heat exchanger we cannot produce proper heat. we are trying to schedule a temporary repair upon receipt of some parts. This should be repaired by Monday November 21. We would like to thank each and every resident for your patience and understanding in this matter....Etc Etc.

Last night we put her in very warm pajamas and it wasn't so cold out so it wasn't so bad. But, today I was quite angry because it was quite cold, and only getting colder. Her hands were like ice cubes. Putting socks on is effective during the day but not at night when she wants to suck her fingers to sleep. I called the maintenance office and they assured us it would be fixed Saturday. Well thanks but it's Thursday so what will we do until then? I also told her I have a little baby and she's really cold. Isn't there something they can do? She assured me that they are doing the best they can. They ordered the part but they won't receive it until Saturday. I asked her if she let the company know that they must have the part because it is illegal for them to withold heat for more than 24 hours. She then quite rudely informed me that it is only illegal to withold heat intentionally. It is not illegal to withold it but to do everything in your power to get it to work. Being that I have quite a strict coop board and it was so hard to get in, I don't want to be on their bad side come moving out day. I apologized for being angry and blamed it on my neurosis regarding my baby. She then said maybe you can stay with a relative. I felt like telling her that I don't pay so much money in maintenance and mortgage to have to go and stay with a relative but I didn't say that. The 311 operator assured me that it is in fact illegal and they will investigate. My call will also remain annonymous. (Thank G-d)
As my computer's weather bug flashes 39 degrees I have opted to plug in the space heater from my mother.


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