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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dads say the darndest things

For those of you that read Parent's magazine, there is a recurring column titled "Kid's say the darndest things," where mothers share funny things their kids have said. Well, being that my kid doesn't say anything, I have to go to the next best thing. Aaron.
Last night I was explaining to Aaron why I didn't nurse Estee at my usual afternoon time. I said because of my schedule sometimes I can't nurse her my usual twice a day and it ends up being once a day. He turned to me and said "Are you starting to weed her?"
You gotta love him...


Blogger Ayelet said...

That's a riot! I'd be happy to give you info on adding links but it's too long to explain at work.. I'm getting online service at home this week (yay!) so I'll put you on my To Do As Soon As I Get Highspeed Access List.

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