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Monday, November 21, 2005

Doctor Mom and other funny stuff

I feel like anyone who has a profession involving children tend to over analyze their kid in that regard. For example an OT told me not to stick my tongue out at Estee but instead to cluck it. It is better for her to learn that movement. Although I am currently a teacher, my masters is in Special Ed and my BA is in speech therapy. Put those two together and you have overananyzing city! It's kinda like in psych 101 you think you have every disorder discussed. Well, being that I know a bit about speech and that my daughter has begun making lots of sounds, I figured it is time to teach her. I have been showing her all the first learned bilabial sounds and doing them really slowly so she will see what my lips are doing. I think I'm sick. she's 4 months old for goodness sakes. It can't hurt....
On another note, Aaron is quite the practical joker. He likes to "get me." He thinks I am gullible and it gives him thrills to make me believe something that isn't true then laugh hysterically saying "gotchya!" There's a bottle making ritual in our home. We keep an urn of boiled water on at all times. We fill a huge mug up with water then let it cool down and make bottles. It can be a long process. Knowing that I had to make bottles last night, I filled up the mug before feeding her so the water would be cool by the time I was finished and I wouldn't have to stay up late waiting. Aaron came home from pathmark and I asked if he could possibly make bottles if he finishes unpacking groceries before I am finished feeding her. 10 minutes later, he said "I dumped out the water in the mug and filled it with hot water so you can make bottles." I was so frustrated! Not only did I not get much sleep the night before, but now I had to stay up later waiting for water to cool! A combination of my fatigue and my annoyance brought some tears. "Why did you do that...." I was cut off by him laughing and screaming "Gotchya." Oysh.
Well, tonight it was payback time. To make it easier to give her a bath, we put her bath on top of the bed in her bedroom. A few times I filled up the bath without checking to see if the plug was in and water got everywhere. This did not make Aaron happy. He thinks I am careless for not checking. 5 seconds after going into the room with a bucket of water I said "oh shoot, oh no." He said "what?" I said "nothing..." (like I usually do when I do something I don't want him to know about." He said "oh gosh, what did you do?" and ran into the room to find me laughing and saying "gotchya!"
To top it all off Aaron keeps expressing his annoyance with my kootchki and kootchkaloo and butchkalutchka nicknames for Estee. He expresses even more annoyance in the fact that I sing these nicknames to various tunes over and over for her pleasure and my own. While I was getting her undressed for her bath I took it upon myself to give him a concert. I sang one of my various kootchkaloo songs into her monitor so it would be amplified throughout the apartment. He didn't like that very much, but he did laugh. I guess you can say we are a little immature. But we'll make fun parents no?
On a sad note, little Estee got more shots this evening. It was a terrible experience as usual. This time, I cried. Her scream was so dreadful. To make matters worse, she has a bad diaper rash again. I couldn't even bathe her. Between the pain in her legs and the pain in her tush it was just unbearable for her. She did enjoy her cereal tonight which made me feel a bit better.

**just want to apologize for putting so many thoughts in one post, I had a lot to say...feel free to comment!**


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