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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I called the pediatritian today because it has been about three weeks since Estee has stopped sleeping through the night. It is not like she is waking up for comfort. She is waking up at 3 or 4 am because she is starving. I told the doctor that she has a full feeding before bed as well. She said that eventhough they usually wait until 5 months to start solids, since she is not overweight and not particularly big we can give her rice cereal before bed. She said we must use a spoon because if she can't handle the spoon, she isn't ready for solids. When I got off the phone with her I had a little tear in my eye. Another milestone. My little girl is moving to solids! I went out and got her a little bowl and spoon, I was so excited! I told Aaron he must meet his chavrusa later so he can take pictures of this event. Well she wasn't too happy initially. The spoon didn't bother her persay, it was more the fact that it didn't work like a nipple that perturbed her. Once she realized that the food was in her mouth she was okay. The only problem was unlike with a bottle, the spoon has to go out of the mouth to get more food. Unfamiliar with this new way of eating, she got upset thinking she wasn't getting anymore. The method that worked was letting her suck on her pacifier while I refilled the spoon. (I hope that's not bad.) Towards the end she was starting to get the hang of it and she ate the whole portion. The pictures aren't too great but maybe once she is more used to it we can get more. She looked so cute with cereal all over her face and hair, Right after her bath I might add!


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