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Sunday, November 06, 2005


There should be a general rule in life that once you have gone really bad pain, any lesser pain sh0uldn't hurt. It would make sense if this was true but unfortunately, it's not. You'd think after childbirth, eyebrow waxing would be a breeze. But, it's not. Some may say, "that's because you don't remember the pain from labor." They're dead wrong. I remember it as clearly as my last name. (which is Gropper, by the way.) For some reason though I dread getting my eyebrow waxed because to me, the pain is so excrutiating. I push it off until the last possible moment which of course makes it hurt even more. I think the last possible moment came this time when after speaking about her son's behavior after school, one of the parents said to me, "by the way, I do eyebrows.." subtle. Oh and by the way I am in charge of weight watchers. Anyhow, back to waxing. It's amazing how this tiny insignificant pain (in comparison) causes me so much grief. I dread getting it done and I wince even before she peels the strip off. I just can't understand it. I remember the first time I went after giving birth. Estee was about 5 days old. My mother in law watched the baby and my mother took me around the corner. I explained to the women that I cannot lay down because I just gave birth and my back hurts but she didn't understand. I ended up being really uncomfortable and really dizzy from laying down flat. But I was also filled with such excitement at the prospect of getting a painless wax. You see, in my head, I had just given birth 5 days ago and it was excruciating. How can this possibly hurt in comparison? Boy was I wrong. The other day I stubbed my toe on the edge of the bed. I let out such a bloodcurdling scream you'd think someone was attacking me. I didn't scream like that in labor, go figure. Life's little games...
Something else I notice is that every time I have to wake up earlier than usual those are the days Estee chooses to sleep late. I have to be at hebrew school at 9 am today I used to wake up at 8 now I wake up at 7 just in case she needs to be fed, changed, etc. it's 8:35 and she's still sleeping. Once again, go figure...


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