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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The really cool plumbing tool

It was a scene out of a movie. Estee was stirring from her nap but I figured I can get in a quick bathroom break before she fully wakes up. It was perfect. 1,2,3. I went to flush the toilet and wham it was Niagra falls in my bathroom. The toilet just kept overflowing and overflowing. I wasn't quite sure how to stop it. At that moment Estee began to whimper. The whimpering usually leads to full fledged crying so I knew I didn't have much time. I needed to think fast. What would my husband do? Open the tank of course!! Inside the tank I found a mini version of the waterfall in my bathroom. I realized that the big black ball lo0king thing had all the power. I pulled it, the water stopped. I let go, the water started again. I finally figured out a way to move the top of the tank over the blank thing so it would stay in the pulled position. While this was happening though my bathroom filled with inches of water. I called Aaron to tell him I hate our apartment. I called maintenance, then began to mop up the water. At that moment Estee began to cry. Did I mention that my babysitter was due to be over in 10 minutes? Thank goodness I was able to hold her off with a pacifier while I cleaned up the water. The maintenance man came, thank G-d it wasn't the one I tattled on yesterday. He had this really cool looking tool with him. It was a very long metal pole like thing. It was this high tech plunger. I realized later that I probably should have taken a picture of him with it for my blog. Who cares if he thought I was crazy, but I was just in such a rush. My toilet is fixed but I need a new flapper he says. Don't ask me what a flapper is, I don't know, just know I need one. The babysitter came and I could tell it was going to be one of those mornings. It took me 10 minutes to find my keys. And of course this was the one day that I had to stop at supersol because Aaron forgot to buy me food coloring for the play dough I was making with my boys today. I finally got out of the house and realized I forgot my cell phone. My babysitter said "What is with you today?" I guess when it rains, it pours. Pun intended


Blogger Ayelet said...

Cute post. Mordechai loved the play dough - he still plays with it! He was all serious about making shapes because "Morah Rebecca told us to make shapes with it."

3:33 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

He is such a sweet boy!

6:03 AM  

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