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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Scaring Mommy part 2

The hair pulling stunt is no longer, the choking on spit is still here but isn't as scary. Estee has now added some new things to her scaring Mommy repertoire. She is now capable of finding her fingers 99 percent of the time. But often she jams her fingers or fist so far into her mouth that she gags herself. A couple of times she even vomited.
This morning I had her in her bouncy seat while I was getting ready for work, as I usually do. I went to the bathroom and when I came back her body was sideways on the seat and her head was hanging off of the side. (thank g-d for the strap). She was crying because she couldn't get back up. She did this twice more that morning and once more with the babysitter.
More proof that Estee cannot be left alone in situations like this: The other day when she was laying on the towels, she pulled the towel over her face and couldn't breath.
Oh the joys of scaring already neurotic mothers!


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