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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Some things

I haven't posted in a while and I therefore have a few things to say. Every Tuesday night I tutor and my mother picks up Estee. This week she did not have a car and I had to drop her off. This was the day where it was pouring. It had finally stopped but was very windy. I was trying to decide if it made more sense to take her in the stroller and then walk back to my car or carry her out to the car and drive her over. After work I found a spot down the block. This answered my question. I was going to drive. As I was walking with her to the car, she began to gasp and make these terrible wide eyed faces. I knew exactly what was wrong because this has happened before. When it is extremely windy, she has difficulty catching her breath. Once she was able to catch her breath, she would cry. I didn't know quite how to get her shielded from the wind. I tried putting her blanket over her but the wind just blew it off. Finally I decided that we were walking against the wind and proceeded to walk with her backwards to my car. All the college students looking for parking must've thought I was nuts but I don't care. They didn't seem to mind taking my spot did they?
On shabbos, two things occurred, one slightly funny and one annoying. First, the annoying. Well actually there are two stories in one. We were at my father's house for shabbos and I brought Estee to shul. Immediately upon my arrival, my father took her to hold while he was davening. Because it drives me crazy when parents allow their children to be loud and to cry inside shul, every time she made a peep, I would motion to my father asking if he wanted me to take her. At one point she became a bit fussy and I walked over to him to take her but she calmed down and he said he was fine. A woman in shul said "you should really calm down. She is fine. You should take advantage that your father has her." Hmmm. Thanks for the advice. What she didn't realize is, I was calm. I have the utmost confidence in my fathers child rearing abilities. But, I was concerned that a. he wouldn't be able to focus on his musaf, and b. she would prevent others from focusing on theirs, in which case I was prepared to whisk her out of shul. My eagerness to run over to my father had nothing to do with my nervousness over her crying rather my awareness in the fact that others may not find her to be so cute when they are trying to concentrate on their davening. Whatever...Later on, during kiddush people of course were fussing over her. I left her with my father husband sister and stepmom to get a drink. When I returned my husband alerted me to the fact that one of the Rabbis in her shul had his finger in her mouth. Uch. I immediately motioned to my father to get it the heck out. Of course once again I was told how crazy and neurotic I am. But, I am sorry you don't stick your finger inside a kid's mouth that isn't your own, especially without asking first. I don't care who you are or where you got your smicha from. All the parties involved explained that they didn't want to say anything because he is a Rabbi. I explained that next time they can just blame it on me. say, "oh her mother's very neurotic, she doesn't let anyone do that, if she comes back and sees, she will be upset, but you can touch her leg or tickle her belly, she'll be just as happy." Is there anything wrong with saying that? I'd just like to add that the same woman who made the comment to me in shul came up to us later and was tickiling Estee's leg. She said "don't worry I'm not going to touch her hands. People shouldn't do that. They walk around shaking everyone's hands and then touch her hands and then she sticks her hands in her mouth and gets sick." Hmm, maybe the two of them should talk?
The second thing to happen on shabbos was that because of all the traveling and going I was unable to nurse her at my usual time fri evening and at my usual time Shabbos morning ( I now nurse twice a day. ) Because of this it was really important to me that I get my Shabbos evening feeding so that my supply would not diminish. Although she was somewhat agitated due to hunger, I had to keep trying because I really needed to nurse her. I brought her into a private room and began. She would suck for a second and then pull her head away and cry. I couldn't figure out how to calm her down. I was almost going to give up when an idea occured to me. Lately she cries when someone is holding her and sitting but when they stand up, she immediately stops. I put this theory to work and stood up with her, she calmed down a little. I proceeded to nurse her standing up and swaying back and forth. Wow, talent. I wish I could contact that lactation consultant we hired for 150 dollars shortly after I gave birth and say "hey look at me now!"


Blogger Kar said...

Point of clarification: I was not there for the finger in mouth situation. That is gross.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

k I apologize. My sister was not there. She was though in shul with us. Sorry kar

9:21 AM  

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