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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

worse that I thought

Poor Estee spent two hours last night crying. It was the worst experience of my life. Every time she peed she screamed. She was screaming bloody murder around 8 and I figured her diaper must be dirty. It was. Once again I put her in a sink filled with water but she screamed as if it was burning her. It took so long to calm her down. I held her in my arms naked but in a towel and did my best to calm her down. She cried so hard that tears came down. This is the first time that I actually saw tears pouring out of her eyes. This of course, triggered my own tears. I called my mother frantically asking her what to do. I tried everything and I felt so bad for my poor child. Finally in between staring at the ceiling fan and hearing my shushes in her ear, and sucking on the pacifier, she calmed down. I was able to give her a bottle and she seemed to be fine. Aaron came home (he was out voting.) and took her so I can finish eating my dinner. (9:30) She seemed to be fine and all of a sudden she was screaming again. She pished all over Aaron which would have been funny if it wasn't for the circumstances. He was able to calm her down with her new duck toy (which I have a great video of but clipshack doesn't support the format of a file it is in and I don't know how to change the format. Once someone tells me how to do it, you will see the video.) I got her bath ready and added aveeno oatmeal bath to it as per the doctor. I put her in and she screamed. I couldn't give her a bath. I got her calm and fed her, gave her tylenol and put her to bed. She slept really well. Aaron and I realized that the rash started around the time we started to use balmex instead of desitin. We changed back to desitin last night and it seems to have cleared up a lot. Aaron insists that I should call Balmex to complain but I say what would be the point? Why would I want free stuff from them?
On a side note I have a terrible cold. I made my father get me antibiotic because my throat was killing me yesterday and I don't want her to get that from me. I'm not ready for her to get sick. I can't even handle diaper rash.


Blogger Skayabs said...

Emmanuelle has a "diaper rash" in the folds of her neck, so I put desitin there and it smeared all over her chin and shirt. Any ideas on how to make this get better?

6:57 PM  
Blogger JTopo said...

Hey Guys, First of all Desitin is still used by us grown Kronegolds (it really gets rid of pimples soooo well). About the rash on the neck- you should probably try bacitracin- no? Hope both girlies feel better!

3:56 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Sarah what does the pediatritian say? It may not be diaper rash it could be thrush or heat rash. If she has a lot of cute folds moisture can get trapped under....dab on a little cornstarch or gold bond baby, but make sure it doesn't have any talc in it (when the powder flys in the air, the talc gets in their lungs and it's dangerous). Otherwise desitin is the best product for diaper rash. oh and if it's yeast, you use lotrimin (the stuff for athlete's foot) that's why you have to ask the dr. Look at me 4 months and I sound like a pro. I wish!

4:01 AM  

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