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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Hi my name is Rebecca and I'm addicted to my baby. You probably have already realized that. Last night though, since she had been very cranky all evening due to teething, I kinda did a bad thing. I brought her into bed with me and let her fall asleep on me. Of course I did not fall asleep myself although I was almost there. And, of course I jumped at the photo op and told Aaron to get the camera and I hastily put my snood on, hence the black paintbrush markings over the rest of my hair yet again. Well, it was the most amazing feeling. I was so comfortable and so at peace which I am sure she was as well. Finally Aaron said she is in a deep sleep, let me put her into bed and you can go to sleep. The second he took her out of my arms I felt cold and uncomfortable. Although I had to keep myself from drifting off with her in my arms, I could not fall asleep once she was gone. It took me an hour. The only thing is, I think she had the same problem. Every hour she woke up. She cried a little in her sleep, and once she had her pacifier, she was fine. It's probably bad that I keep giving it to her right?


Anonymous Karen K said...

I remember holding both Lexi and Paige in the crook of my neck listening to them breathe, the softness of their cheek,and feeling the warmth of their breath on my neck. It was such an incredible feeling. There was a certain peacefulness in my heart. Maybe it sounds a little silly, but even now, with Lexi 8 and Paige 5, I can still remember it all. Enjoy that special time with your sweet Estee!

7:19 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Yeah I love it. I'm hoping that when she is 5 and 8 she will maybe want to still cuddle sometimes? If not we can just go to libby loos right Karen?

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Karen K said...

I am ready any time you are!There is enough hair now for a bow and some fairy glitter!

3:59 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I want to wait until she is old enough to have more fun than me! :)

7:59 AM  

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