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Monday, December 05, 2005


Thanks to anon who commented and gave me the idea, I called la leche league and spoke with a woman named Liz for almost an hour about ways to solve my solution. She said not to worry because you don't dry up for months so a few days won't hurt. She also told me to continue to pump even though nothing is coming out that will increase my supply. So hopefully it will all workout. Thankfully she nursed a little before so maybe she is just going through a lazy phase and it will pass soon.
On another note check out the cute pics!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no prob! i'm glad things seem to be improving! i had to give up nursing my daughter early on, and i know how upsetting this was, so i want to see other mothers succeed. iy"h, things should go smoothly for you, and better for me this time around:)

-nechamala (too lazy to sign in most of the time)

6:31 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

hopefully it will work out. I know how to keep my supply up but she still won't nurse. Hopefully she will soon. If not, at least I did it this long...

3:35 AM  

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