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Monday, December 12, 2005

More new tricks

Estee has a bunch of new fun things to add to her repertoire. She is almost creeping. She bends her knees and pulls her tush up and tries to slither. Sometimes she moves half an inch, it's so exciting. Remember in gymnastics classes you would have to make a bridge with your body? Well, in the below picture, you may not be able to tell but that is what Estee is doing. Cool huh? (and yes that his her bare tushy you see, and no, she doesn't have diaper rash. The doctor says that letting her air out is a preventative measure so why not?) A few other things she has been doing lately: laughing out loud, screetching really high pitched and really loud over and over. Last night she tried butternut squash, yum! She kept saying "mmm, mmm." So, I guess she liked it too. Well, her newest and cutest trick is this: she was making tongue raspberries with the food in her mouth. Needless to say, it got everywhere. It was hard not to laugh. She of course realized she had an audience (not to mention I was videotaping it) and kept doing it for more laughter. I know in the future we may regret encouraging her to do this but right now it is a milestone and a cute one at that!


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