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Sunday, December 04, 2005

oh what a night...

Last night I discovered that Estee once again has a diaper rash. I'm not quite sure what is going on. Every single time I change her I make sure she is completely dry, then apply a really thick layer of desitin. But for some reason they keep coming back! So, once again I let her play naked which she loved. Eventhough I put towels down, she still managed to pee on the carpet and on me. But that's okay. I wasn't feeling well and I went to bed at 11. Since I took an hour nap on shabbos I was unable to fall asleep until 12, how annoying! At 12:45 she woke up crying. Usually that means "Give me my paci..." but it didn't work and she continued to cry. Her cry sounded like she was in pain so I woke Aaron and said "do you think she's sick?" In his sleep he mumbled "she's fine," and went right back to snoring. I picked her up to see what was wrong, perhaps she was hungry. She peed all over me. Thank G-d! If it was on her sheets I'd have to go through the daily ritual of taking off her bumpers, changing her sheets and putting her bumpers back on. Just for a second I'd like to digress to this diaper issue. I'm a big fan of huggies because of the gigglastic but for some reason no matter how tight I make the diaper, she leaks through every night. Every single day I have been changing the sheets. Her legs are so skinny that she still wears a size one diaper. The other night I put two diapers on her and she still leaked through! Any ideas?
So, back to my night. I knew I had to change her (I realized that she probably cried because the peeing hurt her rash..) I also knew that she wanted to eat a little. Her eyes were still closed through the crying. If I gave her a bottle she would be in a nice sleep. If I changed her after the bottle she would wake up and it would be impossible to get her back to sleep. If I changed her before the bottle she would scream. Bring in Aaron. I woke Aaron, saying I need you so you gotta wake up. I made him hold the bottle in her mouth as I changed her which in the end was pretty ineffective because I think his eyes were closed the whole time and more formula ended up dribbling down her cheek and into her hair causing the back of her head to be soaking. Well, 2 oclock, she was finally sleeping. It was now my turn to attempt. Unfortunately, this was not an option due to Aaron's loud snoring and his recent refusal to wear his mouth guard which is supposed to stop or atleast muffle it. He kept getting angry at me for waking him to tell him to be quiet. At 2:45 I finally gave up and went to go sleep in the bed in Estee's room. Which I must say was kinda nice. 3:30 Estee woke up crying again. What the heck? could she still be hungry? She didn't eat much at 1 and 3:30 is sometimes her usual time to get up. So, since once again her eyes were half closed I started to nurse her..maybe it would work! And, it did! 5 minutes into the feeding Estee let out a grunt, I heard a squirting noise and felt something warm on my leg. Shoot! She just made! So, now I was faced with yet another dillemma. Stop feeding her and change her or wait until she is done? I opted on a compramise. As soon as she pulls herself off, I will change her. That is exactly what I did. Of course she wasn't too happy with me. Once her diaper was changed and her pajamas were off I figured I would try to continue to feed her and then maybe in her sleep I could slip on her new pajamas. At this point I guess she was to agitated and hungry and she didn't want to nurse. So, while the bottle warmed, I put her new pajamas on. I'm not sure what time it was when she finished eating because there is no clock in her room but whatever time it was, I went back to sleep. At around 6:30 she woke up to eat more. (Strange but she downed 4 oz.) After I was finished feeding her I called into hebrew school to tell them I wouldn't be making it today.(which isn't like me, but I was so exausted!) I slept until 9. Of course she is still sleeping but once I am up I think of all I have to do and I can't go back to sleep. I guess she is exausted too. It's 10:15 and she is still sleeping. She is in her new sleeping position with her tush up in the air, not sure if you can see it in the pictures but cute nonetheless.


Blogger Skayabs said...

Huggies are the worst diapers! Try Pampers instead. One Shabbos Emmanuelle leaked 6 times from them. The only solution: trash them!

1:22 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

oh shoot. we just bought a ton from the price club. When she was first born we used pampers and I didn't like them because I had to make them tight because she is skinny and they cut through her skin.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Another meshugannah mommy said...

It all depends on the child - my som was a Huggies and my daughter was Pampers. Pampers Premium were good becasue they were very adjustable and soft. Of course, sometomes I cheaped out and bought the White Cloud brand at Walmart.

6:39 AM  

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