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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Shabbos accomplishments

Last night we went to a friend for dinner. It was so nice to be around couples with other children. Most of them (except for a 4 week old) are older than Estee and were already walking and playing with eachother. When I was getting Estee ready to go and changing her outfit on the couch, one little boy named Shlomo kept coming up to her and pointing and saying "baby, baby." He pointed to her hair and said "hair, hair," and then gave her a gentle little pat on her head. Then he did the cutest thing. He came up and gave her a kiss on the head! She gave him the biggest smile and watched him as he walked away. Ah, young love....
During dinner, Estee was sitting in her infant seat inside her stroller (so the little ones wouldn't step on her.) She kept trying to sit up, like she often does. So Aaron sat her up and put her hands over the sides to keep her balance and she was sitting all by herself! It was so exciting! She definitely can't really sit on her own but it was so cute nonetheless.
I learned a new trick from a friend that I am so excited about. As you know from a past post, Estee hates the wind. The second we get outside on a windy day, it makes her hold her breath and she gets very agitated. Well, we learned that if you put the plastic rain cover over the stroller, it also shields baby from the wind. What a relief! We had a painless walk and she was so content! It's so nice to have experienced mommy friends! Now, how do we make the trek from the house to the car in her carseat just as painless?


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