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Friday, January 27, 2006

Enjoying life's simple pleasures

Sometimes we do things that we will regret doing later, just so we can have instant gratification. Sometimes it is a simple act like eating a piece of cake while on a diet. And, sometimes it is a more complex act like making a statement or confession that can change our lives. Besides for resisting good food of course, I'd say the hardest impulse that I have had to control lately is running to and comforting a crying Estee in the middle of the night or at bedtime. Last night though, I succumbed to the impulse. I gave in and enjoyed my guilty little pleasure. It was 2 am, I had just been woken from a deep sleep and a great dream by horrendous cries. She needed the comfort and so did I, so we just cuddled together on the couch until she was sleeping and I almost was. This really isn't a normal middle of the night habit for me, I was just getting a really big craving that I just could not control at that moment. I know that tonight I may regret it but I was living in the moment and I didn't really care about the consequences. Although I don't make a habit of this at night, every once in a while I allow myself a naptime cuddle. No harm in that I figure. The other day our cuddle was so great that I found myself becoming more addicted to it. But, I will try to be strong. This particular cuddle session was one of the most beautiful motherhood experiences (aside from the obvious-giving birth) I have ever had. I was laying in bed, she was on top of me with one hand around my waist and the other taking turns between rubbing my mouth and rubbing my arm. I had one arm snuggly around her and the other was rubbing her back and her legs. Her cute little face was nestled into my neck and I could feel her breath coming out of her nose and it tickled. Our hearts were adjacent to eachother and beating together in a beautiful rhythm. It was truly two hearts beating as one. I was filled with such euphoria and couldn't help but get all warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes, it's just worth the consequences....


Blogger my bald sheitel said...

oh you are making me so excited to have my baby "on the outside." i can't wait to meet our little one and hold him/her close..... i have already told Y i might not be able to ever put the baby down. i am excited :) thanks for the happy post. i think this is ok to give into once in a while, no?

10:57 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Yes it definitely is! When are you due? Bshaa tova!

11:43 AM  
Blogger cruisin-mom said...

Rebecca...enjoy those goes by faster than you think. My oldest "baby" turns 19 tomorrow, and the last thing he wants to do with me is a cuddly nap!!! (thank goodness!)

5:02 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I know that's why as much as I want her to do new things I am trying not to rush the stages because before I know she will be 19!

5:00 AM  

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