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Saturday, January 07, 2006

The stain on the floor

For some strange reason although we were successful initially with the letting Estee cry herself to sleep thing, this past week she cried and cried.
Thursday night she was done eating and just playing around so I put her into bed, said Shema with her, gave her a kiss, and left. 5 minutes later she was screaming. It was hard but I let her cry for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I rubbed her back a little bit (this worked the night before) But, she kept looking at me and laughing. I figured, okay she is fine. So, I left. She screamed for another 20 minutes. Just when I was finished calling my last person to get me through the pain, I heard her choking. I ran into her room, flipped her upside down and she vomited all over her carpet. There is now a nice big orange stain on her nice clean green carpet.
My mother convinced me that I didn't need to call the Dr, and the only reason she vomited was because she got herself so worked up, she made herself sick. What a temper on my child.
So at that point I figured it was okay to take her into bed with me and hold her. She of course fell asleep immediately. What a horrible ordeal!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a real difference between coughing and choking. Unless your baby was within reach of small objects or hard food particles, and was placing them in her mouth, then she is not in any real danger. Sometimes babies just cough from crying or inhaling saliva or some spit-up. There is no reason to do the infant heimlich maneuver since there is nothing that needs to be expelled... just so you know for next time (but hopefully there will be no next time ;) ).

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