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Monday, January 30, 2006

Things that make you go uch....

warning: Poop post

I have always had a big problem with poop. No matter who the kid was that I was babysitting for when it came time to change thte dirty diaper I would always gag. In school whenever a child had a dirty diaper I would always look over at my assistant hopefully. She would always understood my gagging problem and would go change the kid.So, it was my relief to discover that when it came to Estee, although at times very smelly, my gag reflex stayed in check. Phew, it wouldn't be so great gagging over my own daughters diapers. I have to outgrow this sometime. Of course this was going great until...last night:
It was time for Estee's bath. Since we finally lowered Estee's crib Aaron said that while I bathe her he will set up her fisher price aquarium in her crib. So, luckily for me he was in the room. I took off her clothes and noticed a little leaked. This is going to be a messy one I thought. That was definitely an understatement! It was not only messy but so pungent I thought I was going to pass out. Just picture this scene for a moment. You have squirmy little Estee kicking around and moving her arms all over, Squimish mommy trying to keep her diaper closed so she doesn't stick her body parts in it, trying to clean up everything that already got on the changing table, screaming how bad it smells in between gagging and heaving. Then there is Aaron off to the side laughing hysterically. The poor kid was probably wondering what the heck is wrong with my parents. I asked Aaron to hold her hands so I could clean her without her sticking her hand into it. She was not to thrilled at this and she began to cry. So now we had the whole scene above in addition to a crying baby. Thank goodness I didn't vomit because then we would have had two stains on her carpet!


Blogger tuesdaywishes said...

When things get that messy, I undress the kid in the bathtub. I rinse him with the handheld shower spray, then rinse down the tub, then his clothes. Fortunately poop doesn't really bother me.

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