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Thursday, February 23, 2006

When it rains it pours

<-----Atleast someone is having a good vacation!!!

I haven't really been able to write much because it has been a very crazy week. Aaron's been home recovering from his surgery and since we were supposed to go to Florida, I gave my babysitter the week off. Since Estee's bedtime vomiting became more frequent (it started off every so often because of crying herself to sleep and turned into every day from no crying at all) I decided to take her to the pediatritian. Since her appointment coincided with her naptime I decided to walk The 15 blocks. It was actually a really nice walk and she was in a really cute mood in the waiting room. Because she has a splotchy rash on her arms, legs and back (which initially was thought to be dry skin) and because of her vomiting, her pediatriatian reffered her to see an allergist. I felt so defeated from this news. One of the main reasons (besides for the fact that it is just healthier) that I nursed and was so persistant eventhough it was difficult, was because it has been found that nursing babies can prevent them from having allergies. I have terrible seasonal allergies and asthma and I did not want this for my child. Upon hearing that she may have food allergies I was just so upset. The next day not only did I have to take her to the allergist but her little sniffles turned into her first real full blown cold. It could not have come at a better time. The poor child is
so congested that when she cries, she is hoarse. It is so sad. Leaving for the allergist was diificult because she was a bit cranky and was fighting with me to get into her car seat. I finally got her into the car, sat in the front seat and went to start the engine.....and....sputter sputter, it was dead! Thank G-d for my stepfather who came and drove us to the appointment and jump started it while we were with the dr. Estee got 8 pricks in each arm to test her for 16 different foods in all. oysh. I did not expect her to get any needles. I was NOT prepared for that!!! In the end, she isn't allergic to any foods although there were a couple that were borderline. The Dr. gave us a list of things to do, each thing on this list will be tried if the item on the list before it doesn't work and we are to see her again in a month. Our pediatritian will see her again on Monday and if the allergy thing doesn't pan out, she will send her to a gastro. oy, my poor baby. To top it all off, between the fact that she is sick and the fact that I am afraid she will vomit, she now can no longer fall asleep without being in my arms. We have moved from waking up once a night to waking up a few times and I am slowly losing my mind!
In addition, changing Estee's diaper or getting her dressed has become a full blown wrestling match. I have tried every technique and hold possible. She cannot be distracted. She takes whatever toy I am distracting her with and flips over with it. She throws her head back and twists her body and screams if I try to flip her back. Most of the time this is happening with a dirty diaper in the way. The only thing that seems to distract her temporarily is this silly little doll that I got for Aaron as a get well present. It is a lion that dances and sings "You're my soul, you're my inspiration, You're all I've got to get me by...." But even that seems to have stopped working. This morning I may have finally found my answer. I have officially mastered putting on her diaper and clothing backwards. Twice today I have put her diaper on backwards and it was a success! No leaks! I only hope she was fully clean. I don't know how much more I can take of this!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Can a 7 month old be a brat?

Estee has two new games that she plays. The first one is that every time I try to change her diaper or get her dressed she flips over onto her belly and tries to crawl away. The other day she attempted to take a dive from her changing table. Luckily I had her leg and was able to pull her right back up. Last night it was absolutely impossible to change her. She had a very dirty diaper and she kept flipping over. I did everything to distract her but it didn't work and lets just say her changing table and her clothing were pretty messy. The other thing she continues to do is vomit. Now I don't know how much of it is intentional but it is not fun. She used to cry so much that she would vomit. Now, she cries for a split second and vomits. Yesterday she vomited without even crying. What am I going to do with this child?

Monday, February 13, 2006

my famous family

when I clicked on these links I realized that I put the wrong ones...check out the right ones. It's mi familia on cbs 2!!!

how exciting!!!




Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blizzard of '06

Since it is too cold outside and since the snow is higher than Estee is tall, I brought some snow inside for her on a plate. I'm not quite sure she liked that it was so cold...she did like the texture though...

See more blizzard pics on my other blog

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my little sheitel friend

Yesterday morning I was holding Estee in my bedroom while I was doing something. It just so happens that I was standing with her right next to my dresser and on top of my dresser are my sheitels on styrofoam heads. She began to animately talk to one of them as if it was a person. It was absolutely hilarious. I am not quite sure if she thinks it is just a person or if she is connecting it to me somehow but either way, it was quite funny to watch. Later on in the evening, I was once again holding her in the bedroom. When I finished what I was doing, I walked out and found Aaron pointing and laughing hysterically. I looked at Estee and she was holding my sheitel and laughing. She must have decided to pull it's hair as she often does with people and since it wasn't attached, it came off. I haven't laughed so hard in a while.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Independant woman!

Today while feeding Estee lunch she was getting very agitated. The only way we were able to get her to eat her food was by giving her the spoon with food on it and allowing her to play with it/suck it off. After a while I was able to stick another spoon with food in there and feed her but boy was she a mess!!