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Thursday, March 30, 2006

And the trouble making has begun....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Rebecca- Dr jeckel or Mr. Hyde?

When Estee was sick I spoiled her big time. She woke up every hour or so and I went to her and held her if that is what she needed. Not only do we now have the vomiting issue but our problem has now intensified. Last week I was an absolute zombie. She not only woke up every hour or so, it took her a long time to fall back asleep. Thursday night I decided to let her cry. 20 minutes into it Aaron with his head under his pillow trying to sleep through it, told me I should probably go and get her. So, that was ruined.
Last night I finally couldn't take it anymore. I tried rubbing her back but she kept waking up so at 11:30 I sat in the living room with Aaron and just dealt with it. Every time I thought she was stopping it seemed as if she just needed a little break and just started right back up again. After a half an hour I turned into a crazy person. I knew I couldn't go to her, but I couldn't take her screaming. It was heartbreaking. I was crying, apologizing to her over and over, punching the chair, and then badly enough, cursing out my husband. It was almost like labor all over again, only I didn't really curse him out then. It finally ended after a total of 50 minutes. I can't believe I stayed strong. I apologized to Aaron for everything I said and went to bed. She didn't wake up until 7:30 am. whew. If she does that again tonight, I will have to be committed.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

You think it's time to sign up for gymboree?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Purim!!


Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'd rather be sick as a dog

If I could just trade with Estee and make myself sick I would. I absolutely cannot take this anymore. Right now I am sitting in front of the computer with her scrunched up in my arms, my arms around her and the keyboard on my knees (hmmm...lets see if I can get a picture...) The poor kid. From 4:30 until now I have not been able to really get her to smile. In exchange I keep crying because I hate seeing her like this. Her nose is running, she is so congested she can't eat and every time she coughs she vomits what she has eaten. If I so much as bring the aspirator within 10 feet of her she twists her head around or throws it back screaming bloody murder, until of course, I am crying too. I have concluded that I do not want her to be sick ever ever again.


I know it's been quite a while. I used to post much more often. But, between the gimpy husband, the messy apartment, regular responsibilities being doubled, the job, the baby, and the fact that I was sick all of last week, it's been a bit hard. Estee has been getting cuter and cuter each day though. She now is an expert stander and wants to do it at every opportunity. She also has become a bit of a speed crawler and I am getting major anxiety about baby proofing. Aaron keeps waving his hand at me but it needs to get done. HELP!
To top of the week last night as I was getting Estee changed, her skin felt extremely hot. I took her temperature and she had 101.8 woosh. Was she going to tell me? Over the night though it got worse and her sniffles turned into coughing and sneezing. I have to say that considering this is her first time having fever, I behaved myself quite well. I wasn't a barrel of nerves! go me! We went to the doctor this morning and she put me and my big baby brother to shame. You see Robert (that's one of my bros) and I are not only quite prone to strept throat but also are huge babies when it comes to getting cultures. (him more so than me) Well, Estee was a perfect angel for her culture. She didn't even cry! She just gagged a little afterwards. She made the doctor laugh because she kept sucking on his tongue depressor. She was flirting with him big time. She loves her doctor. The end result is no infections- phew! I hope we make it for purim because she has a cute costume and I would love to show her off!! Of course, if we don't make it I will still dress her up and take pictures, it is her first purim after all!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

update on the standing thing

She can now get down by falling, so we have made progress. She has also officially started crawling. She didn't really creep much. All she did was roll fast from one side of the room to another or creep around in a circle (kinda like a dog chasing it's tail).
Well, the other night when the crawling started, she literally got into everything. She crawled over to the little bookcase I keep by the kitchen with all my cookbooks, pulled out one entitled cakes and cookies and started to eat the pages.
Now, all she wants to do is stand crawl or a combination of both- climb! If she is sleeping in her crib and wakes up the first thing she does is get on her knees or climb to a standing position and cry. On her changing table she now tries to crawl off, and when she is on the floor and I am sitting with her she crawls over to me and proceeds to climb up my body. She usually gets as far as my chest.

Finally, a little off the topic but check out this link. Remind you of anyone you know?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Photo op?

Since I went back to work (after vacation) I have been trying to undo all the spoiling I did to Estee while she was sick. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, I have been letting her cry. I must say (bli ayin hora) it has worked! Last night she slept 8 hours straight! Two nights ago though, at 2 am she was crying and crying. I thought to myself, either something is wrong or she is hungry. I went into her to find her standing in her crib and crying because she couldn't get down. This put me in a very difficult bind. I had a crying child in front of me but one who was in the middle of a milestone. I ran into the bedroom quickly to get the camera, snapped a picture of her then immediately picked her up. So now, I have a picture of her standing but she is crying too. Am I a terrible mom?
It took over two hours to get her back to bed because if she wasn't asleep when I put her back in her crib, she would stand back up and start crying again.
Am I supposed to remove her bumpers now?
Am I supposed to continue to let her cry in the middle of the night? What if she falls when she is standing?