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Sunday, March 12, 2006


I know it's been quite a while. I used to post much more often. But, between the gimpy husband, the messy apartment, regular responsibilities being doubled, the job, the baby, and the fact that I was sick all of last week, it's been a bit hard. Estee has been getting cuter and cuter each day though. She now is an expert stander and wants to do it at every opportunity. She also has become a bit of a speed crawler and I am getting major anxiety about baby proofing. Aaron keeps waving his hand at me but it needs to get done. HELP!
To top of the week last night as I was getting Estee changed, her skin felt extremely hot. I took her temperature and she had 101.8 woosh. Was she going to tell me? Over the night though it got worse and her sniffles turned into coughing and sneezing. I have to say that considering this is her first time having fever, I behaved myself quite well. I wasn't a barrel of nerves! go me! We went to the doctor this morning and she put me and my big baby brother to shame. You see Robert (that's one of my bros) and I are not only quite prone to strept throat but also are huge babies when it comes to getting cultures. (him more so than me) Well, Estee was a perfect angel for her culture. She didn't even cry! She just gagged a little afterwards. She made the doctor laugh because she kept sucking on his tongue depressor. She was flirting with him big time. She loves her doctor. The end result is no infections- phew! I hope we make it for purim because she has a cute costume and I would love to show her off!! Of course, if we don't make it I will still dress her up and take pictures, it is her first purim after all!


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