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Sunday, April 30, 2006

gymboree, potato kugel and other fun stuff

This shabbos Estee tried potato kugel for the first time. Yum! She was so excited. She was smacking her lips together, saying mmmmm and da da da. The only problem is, it's all she wants to eat now! Well, that's not entirely true but I'm down to the last piece and she won't have any till shabbos, you think she'll notice?

Last night when I was giving her a bath I didn't realize the shower was set on shower and not bath and when I turned it on it sprayed us both. She got so excited that I realized that this would be a fun game. I turned on the shower and let her play. She was screaming and flapping her arms like this was the coolest thing she has ever seen!

Today I was finally able to take Estee to her first Gymboree class. Wow, was I right. This is the perfect class for her. She is not 10 months yet so being that the class is 10-16 months she is one of the younger ones in the class and yet she was one of the only babies not crying. Not only that, she jumped right in to do the activities. They sat her on a ball and rolled in back and forth while singing a song. Then they put her tummy down on a big tube and sang a different song. She was having a blast. They do a half an hour of gym like things and then 15 minutes of circle time/parachute/singing. She went crazy when they started to blow the bubbles. The only problem is she keeps attacking the other children! I know she doesn't mean to hurt them, she just really likes faces. She kept grabbing at the other children's faces and pulling their hair. I kept having to grab her and scream "no." My child, the little bully.
but, overall it was so much fun she was laughing the entire time. The pictures aren't too great. It was hard to capture all the fun things because we were too caught up in the moments.

Monday, April 24, 2006

little tidbits...

Estee has become quite a terror. She gets into everything! It's funny in a small way but at the same time, it isn't. Check out the pictures below of her going through my dresser drawers and taking everything out of them!

Her first tooth is finally peeking through!!! yay! it's so cute although I will really miss that gummy smile (also see below) Even though that tooth is through, another one is coming in right next to it and it hurts her a lot. I bought her one of those mesh teether things that you put frozen fruit in and she can chew on it.

While I was buying her things, I bought her a visor she can wear in the bathtub so the water and soap won't go in her eyes. Lately, along the same lines as the diaper changing thing, she will scream if I lean her back to wash her hair. So, everything just ended up dripping in her face. Look how cute she looks in the visor!

In addition, just check out some more pictures of how she gets into EVERYTHING!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

maybe toilet training an infant isn't such a bad idea after all?

I have officially lost my mind. Changing Estee's diaper has become even more of a wrestling match. It is often not even possible to change her on the changing table because she attempts to crawl off of it. Although I have mastered changing her backwards, standing up, and while holding one leg tight so she doesn't take a dive, I have not yet mastered the art of changing a moving baby.
Over Yom tov, being that we were at the grandparent's, changing had to be done on the floor since there was no table available. Of course, the floor has a wider surface area for crawling, standing, sitting and rolling. If she stood long enough attending to an activity, I was able to change her standing up. Unfortunately, at the precise moment I slathered her with desitin, she decided to sit and take off. There were many incidents that occurred as a result of this:
1. Erev Yom tov she was flat on her back and I was changing her. The second the diaper came off, she rolled away and stood up by my stepmother's coffee table. Before we could even blink, she peed all over the carpet. I have to say that although my stepmother wasn't so happy about the pee on her carpet, it still left my father, Aaron and I laughing. It was inevitable that that would happen.
2. Being that I was unable to give Estee any of her usual cereal and that she gagged and vomited over the pesach concoction, my brother (smart guy that he is) mixed up matzah meal and water. She really enjoyed this. Only problem is- it constipated her beyond belief. The poor kid cried every time she went to the bathroom and she literally had boulders coming out of her. (dropping a diaper into the garbage I heard a clink) This made for much easier on the go changing but did not stop the boulders from making their way on to the floor quite often.
3. To celebrate my grandfather's 75th birthday, my entire family went out to my most favorite dessert company (another story, another day.) For some reason the owners of the restaurant did not take babies into consideration when constructing their bathroom and did not include a changing station in their plans. The old Estee would have been easy to change in the little section in between the two sinks. Not the new Estee. Rolling around in between two sinks on a granite counter, not only is not very sanitary but is also not very safe. The first time she needed to be changed she was so enthralled by the stainless steel faucets that she stayed on her back for most of the changing. The second change wasn't so easy, and the third change required me to hold her in a standing position while my aunt got her changed.
4. I guess my mother's house has many exciting things for Estee to explore because the whole time we were there it took me a very long time to get her changed. There was a point in which I was simply able to give Estee a toy to keep her busy and then quickly put her on her back and change her while she was playing. NOT ANYMORE! The second she sees her diaper or her changing mat, she bolts! The second I took her diaper off, she began to crawl away. One particular time I chased her into the kitchen. As she stood gazing at her reflection in my mother's oven, I began to lather on the desitin, with her diaper right under her. Of course, the second I was about to close up the diaper, she crawled away. There was desitin all over me, all over the floor, all over the oven and all over her. I did finally get the diaper on but sheesh, I dread changing her diapers now. Not to mention the fact that when I do have her on her back she twists her body and screams as if she is being beaten (G-d forbid) Keeping her on her back requires a second person to hold her down otherwise she squirms her way out of the hold. Is this ever going to stop?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On the road to the five towns part deux

This time as opposed to last Estee was with me. My grandparents are back from Florida and I have been trying for a few days to get over there to visit them. I called my babysitter on the way home from work to ask if she had napped yet. She said yes. I asked if she could get her and a diaper bag ready so I could leave with her right when I get home. Since my babysitter stayed a little extra to help me get her to the car, I drove her to the car. As we were driving I asked, when did she last eat? She said "at 2:30 I gave her a little bit of bottle but she didn't really want any." uh oh. I asked "So, will she be hungry soon?" She assured me that she would be good until 4:30 (it was 3:45)
On the van wyck she started to cry. Luckily I have the mirror by her that allows me to see her in the rearview mirror and I was able to reach back and put her pacifier in her mouth. I did this twice but it kept falling out and she kept getting upset. By the time I reached Rockaway tpke she was screaming. I was not quite sure what to do. She must be hungry I thought. Okay. Super mommy time. I reached into her diaper bag, got out a bottle and pulled a gumby by reaching back and sticking the bottle in her mouth. Alas, she was happy and gulping down the bottle like there was no tommorow. Of course, I couldn't just stop in the middle of Rockaway Tpke. I proceeded to drive with one hand on the wheel and my arm twisted in a painful way behind me feeding her a bottle. I must say I am pretty talented.
She seemed to also be drifting off but when we got there she became wide awake and happily played with my grandparents who haven't seen her since early November.
She of course performed very well. I was happy because I got to enjoy a nice home cooked meal made by bubby while my grandfather sang her his classic yaydidi day song. (It has been sung to each baby in the family through the generations. Immensely enjoyed by the baby, not by anybody else due to his being tone deaf)
When it was time to go she got beside herself with exaustion. She was extremely cranky. I put her down for a minute to pack up her diaper bag and she began to climb up my legs. Before I knew it, she fell flat on her face. Ipicked her up to soothe her and I gave her her pacifier as well. When the pacifier fell out of her mouth it was covered in blood. It's funny my very nervous grandmother kept me calm and got her ice to chew on. Never a dull moment. Needless to say she fell asleep in the car before we even turned the corner.