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Sunday, April 30, 2006

gymboree, potato kugel and other fun stuff

This shabbos Estee tried potato kugel for the first time. Yum! She was so excited. She was smacking her lips together, saying mmmmm and da da da. The only problem is, it's all she wants to eat now! Well, that's not entirely true but I'm down to the last piece and she won't have any till shabbos, you think she'll notice?

Last night when I was giving her a bath I didn't realize the shower was set on shower and not bath and when I turned it on it sprayed us both. She got so excited that I realized that this would be a fun game. I turned on the shower and let her play. She was screaming and flapping her arms like this was the coolest thing she has ever seen!

Today I was finally able to take Estee to her first Gymboree class. Wow, was I right. This is the perfect class for her. She is not 10 months yet so being that the class is 10-16 months she is one of the younger ones in the class and yet she was one of the only babies not crying. Not only that, she jumped right in to do the activities. They sat her on a ball and rolled in back and forth while singing a song. Then they put her tummy down on a big tube and sang a different song. She was having a blast. They do a half an hour of gym like things and then 15 minutes of circle time/parachute/singing. She went crazy when they started to blow the bubbles. The only problem is she keeps attacking the other children! I know she doesn't mean to hurt them, she just really likes faces. She kept grabbing at the other children's faces and pulling their hair. I kept having to grab her and scream "no." My child, the little bully.
but, overall it was so much fun she was laughing the entire time. The pictures aren't too great. It was hard to capture all the fun things because we were too caught up in the moments.


Blogger Ayelet said...

Wow. Sounds like a fun day. Also sounds like your daughter has a great personality!

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