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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mother daughter bonding part 2

We had another exciting day today. We started our walk at national wholesale liquidators clothing store. I found out later that my little girl stole something!! I have to go and return it tommorow. She must've pulled it off the shelf because I didn't see. We then went to petland discounts where Estee enjoyed watching the fish in the aquariums. You see? You can do fun things for free! She had a blast she was touching the tank and trying to grab the fish and was laughing hysterically the whole time. We then went to the park. For some reason Estee is terrified of the swings. I put her in and held her hands and rocked her in it but she was still afraid. I really don't understand why. For half her life she was in an infant swing...why the sudden fear? The park has sprinklers set up and she really liked touching and watching the water. Every so often I ran through it with her and screamed weeeeeee which she really loved. The only problem was, I didn't think to put her shoes on so she couldn't run through it herself. On the way home from the park, we met a huge dog. I wouldn't let the owner get too close but Estee thought the dog was the funniest thing. The dog was scared of her and kept barking and every time the dog barked, Estee cracked up. We came home and I was famished so I grabbed a peach. Of course any time I am eating something Estee needs to try it too. So, I bit off the skin and in between bites I let her suck on the fruit part. The cutest thing is that she noticed we were taking turns and started to push it towards my mouth after she had her turn as if to say "it's your turn now mommy..."

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Dillema of the day: keeping her scalp sunburn free. She rips off her hat every chance she gets so I rubbed sunblock into her scalp which in turn made her hair really greasy. Any suggestions?


Blogger Kar said...

It looks like you're having the best summery fun!
I clearly have no experience with it, but I've heard of scalp sprays--this website has one:

8:24 PM  
Blogger socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I never really heard of that. Great pics. Enjoy your cutie.

7:46 PM  

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