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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mother daughter bonding

Today was my first day off from work and I had planned all these wonderful things for me and Estee to do together over my vacation. Some things include: botanical gardens, the zoo, carousel, picnics, etc.
Well, this morning she completely threw off her schedule so all those ideas went pretty much out the window. She woke up at 5:30 but had a bottle and went back to bed until 8:30 wiping out her morning nap completely. Because of this, I didn't know when she would want her afternoon nap and didn't really want to go that far from home. We did get to walk all around kew garden hills though. I decided to take her to the playground but on the way she started to get cranky. We headed home but she didn't want to nap so I went back outside with her and we had a picnic on our front lawn. We had a blast. She was crawling around on the grass and getting all dirty and she kept coming and giving me hugs and getting me all dirty. We played catch and I must say my little almost 1 year old can really catch a ball!! We sat outside for over an hour at which point I gave her a bath pronto!
We ended our day by having a dance party to some old school techno...remember that song blue? I found the cd (summer of 99 dance) and popped it in and we danced and danced. We had a blast. Sadly, when it was time for Estee to go to sleep she kept pointing to the stereo and saying "uh uh uh" to tell us she wanted something. When she didn't get her point across, she continued to point to the stereo and started to dance a little. This was her way of telling us that she wanted music to be put on so that we can dance again. The poor kid started screaming and crying so badly when I took her into her room and began her bed time routine. It was so upsetting, but all she wanted was to dance. She fell asleep almost immediately after I put her in. oysh what a temper. I am so excited to spend more time with my little girl, we had so much fun today!
(this first picture is of me spinning her around in circles, it was quite hard to take that picture!!)


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