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Thursday, August 31, 2006

goodbye summer, goodbye stay-at-home mom!

We are off to NJ for shabbos and then to Sesame place for Sunday/Monday. It is our last hurrah before I go back to school :(
I have become truly addicted to my child. I am going to have some serious seperation anxiety on Tuesday when I go back to work. In addition to the seperation anxiety, I am going to have just plain 'ol anxiety because I have a new babysitter starting...gulp!
My summer with Estee has truly been amazing. Although I did work for three weeks the rest of the time was absolutely wonderful. I tried to do as many things with her as possible but even when we weren't doing "something" our bonding was great. I have enjoyed singing with, and reading to her. I have enjoyed watching her new skills emerge: after my lead she can now hold the shape block correctly and put it into the correct hole if I have the correct one in front of her. I have enjoyed watching her language emerge (she sounds like boo from monster's inc and every time she says something I want to eat her up!) Her new words are Abba as you know for everything, up for up and maybe other things, not quite sure. "ide" for outside, "aaaab"(with a spit at the end to represent the "th") for bath. She may have even said "ite" today for light.
Remember new love? Remember when you had a crush on someone or were newly in love with someone, you would lie in bed at night content thinking about the time you spent together or the conversation you had that day? Every night of my summer has been concluded with that feeling of contentment and that feeling of love and joy towards my sweet Estee.
I have a feeling that monday night I will shower with her shampoo and body wash so that I can smell like her at work on monday, is that sick?
Good bye summer! Here are some moments of the summer that I will never forget:


This post took me over an hour to do. I absolutely cannot put captions, I am tired! Just for this, I better get a lot of comments.
I think I reached my picture capacity and I can't post any more pictures, can that happen?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

mommy's birth-day o' fun!

When Aaron asked how I wanted to celebrate my birthday I said a nice day with my family. We were going to go to the queens farm but we got rained out. So instead we took some of Ezzie's advice and tried some yummy pretzels! Today was their grand opening so they had a guy making balloon animals which Es loved and a guy on the keyboard. Halfway through our snack Estee started to walk around as she always does . She walked over to the guy on the keyboard, went up to his speaker and just started to dance as he played. It was really funny. She enjoyed her pretzel and drinking my smoothie. We couldn't take it away or she'd cry!

We then went to the Queens Hall of Science which was a big hit as well. We spent our first hour in the preschool room where Estee crawled and climbed and went "grocery shopping" with other children. We then walked around the bigger part of the museum where she got to see her shadow, walk in a room that shrinks and best of all play with huge bubbles. It was really hard taking her away from that. If it weren't for her great need for a nap we would have stayed for the 2:30 puppet show!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Estee rides a horse! Well, a pony!

Monday, August 21, 2006

I gave birth to a squirrel!

Behavioural Attributes of Mammal: common, active and nocturnal year round
are "packrats" - collect, trade and hoard things, including smooth stones, feathers and shiny objects
stockpile food in den for winter months

Okay so it isn't completely her but the hoarding is, in a way. Estee has a few toys that she loves to play with. She has a car that makes noises and sings songs and that you can ride. It also has a hood that goes up and down and spaces for her to insert blocks. She has a little princess carriage that she can pull around and it stores legos. She also has a little picnic basket with fruits and veggies inside that make noise. And, a pocketbook with toy comb, cell, lipstick, purse and keys. Besides for all these lovely things that her toys hold, Estee also walks around with other items from around the apartment. sometimes they are her toys and sometimes they are grown up things like Aarons keys, a spatula, a camera, etc. Often I find said objects in the hood of her car, in her princess wagon, pocketbook or picnic basket. Aaron's keys went missing for a week. He went crazy looking for them. One day I was in the kitchen with Estee and she was playing with her usual untesil holder in one of our cabinets. When all of a sudden it tipped over and all the utensils fell out and out came Aaron's keys.
Another time, while she was sleeping I went to find a pot I haven't used in a while and mixed in with all my cooking supplies were a few benchers. I wonder how those got there. I have a potato masher on the floor of my bedroom, a straining spoon (which I never use) on the floor of the bathroom, and my digital camera in the hood of her car.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nail salon horrors

I decided that it wouldn't be such a bad idea to take Estee into the nail place to get my eyebrows waxed. I figured: it only takes 5 minutes, she will be fine in her stroller. Well, as we all know my usual assumptions are never right now are they?
The three women that were working were all busy with other people so they asked me to wait. She started to get a bit figity so I figured I would take her out until it was my turn wherein I would put her back in. Upon lifting her up I smelled something not so good. There was no way I was going to make her stay in the stinky because I had a few more stops to make after the nail place. So, I lugged both her and her diaper bag into the nail salon's bathroom which is right next to the ladies getting their pedicures. As we all know, I can only change Estee while she is standing up. The bathroom was pretty small so I couldn't get down to her level and had to remain standing. When I bent over to start the process, I knocked over the lid to the garbage can sending it crashing down. While getting changed, Estee kept herself busy by opening and closing (slamming, rather!) the cabinet under the sink and taking out all of the rolls of toilet paper from inside. I can only imagine what our racket sounded like from the outside. Of course it was one of her messiest diapers in a while. Luckily, I had plenty of wipes! I guess I was taking a long time and of course making a lot of noise because when I had her almost dressed back up there was a knock on the door and a "Are you okay?" Great, now they think I am in here for me and not my child. How embaressing. As soon as I came out I rectified their thinking immediately. "Should I bring the dirty diaper to the garbage outside or do you want me to just throw it out in here?"

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hi little girlie

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The funny thing is that when I uploaded this and was watching it on the computer, she heard me say "where's your tongue?" and did the same thing as the video

Monday, August 14, 2006

The little terror

Yesterday was my father's 50th birthday party. Here is a picture of Estee there and then one of the three of us:

I put her into her pajamas when we left so that if she fell asleep we can just put her right in bed and if she didnt we could just put her to sleep without having to first change her. On the way home Aaron got a call from someone from our minyan saying they need a minyan. At first he said we are in the car but we were really close and were going to pass right by and although the car was filled with tons of stuff I told him to go and I'd take her in with as many things as I can. I got home and took in Estee, the diaper bag, my pocketbook, her bottle (yes i know, she is still having one) and the big bag of food. I got in and realized I had to put her bumper on because my father in law washed it for us. I just could not get the thing to lay right. I was going insane. Every time I tied, I had to untie, adjust and retie on a different pole. All the while Es was playing around her room. As it got more frustrating, she began to take more things apart. I had moved her crib and was now positioned behind it when she opened up her dresser drawer and proceeded to throw everything out, screetching with laughter. She left the room and I heard the bathroom door opening and closing. This is her new favorite pastime that I usually don't allow but under the circumstances thought it would be okay. After a few minutes I realized I no longer heard the door opening and closing and realized it was awfully quiet. "Estee," I called, "come here." I was about to go and see what she had gotten into when she walked into the room carrying the plunger. Which means she had to climb behind the garbage in the bathroom and crawl in the crevice between the toilet and the wall, where I hide it so she won't get to it because it is yucky. I was too caught up in the moment to grab the camera but believe me, it was hilarious. I grabbed it from her, returned it to it's spot and proceeded to scrub her hands with anti-bacterial soap. In the midst of scrubbing I noticed that not only did she have a dirty diaper but the entire contents of the bathroom garbage were now all over the bathroom floor. I scrubbed her hands a little harder...

Friday, August 11, 2006

I fought the desitin and the desitin won

It looked as if I had been in a battle. Black is the best color to wear when you have kids, stains don't show right? wrong. My nice crisp black shirt was covered in white goopy desitin. Not in one place but several. I was walking down the street in a beautiful skirt, nice shoes, nice fall and a black shirt with white smears all over it. This is the story....
There was a nice block of time in which I was able to give Estee some sort of distraction whether it be a toy, a paper, a box, a bottle of shampoo, etc. to hold and easily lay her down to change her diaper. No more! No matter how distracted she is with the item, the second her head hits the changing table she rolls over. And, she is quite strong for a 13 month old. You'd think that being 24 years older than her and a lot more times her weight, I'd be able to hold her down. Pretty amazing strength she has, because it is not possible. But, that is really okay because I have perfected and mastered the art of changing, cleaning, desitining, and diapering her while standing. Obviously it took a while to get to this perfection, notice the aforementioned black shirt..But, I think I have got it down pat. There is a specific hold in which my left arm cradles her middle. Her head remains overlooking my shoulder and my other hand does all the work. So far so good. Taking off the diaper is easy. Wiping her has become a bit easy too even when it is messy. (yay mommy!) (well, except for yesterday when she decided to sit on my arm while I was wiping her messy messy #2, thanks Es you're the best!) The desitin was a bit troublesome at first until I got a technique down pat. Sunday for instance when I was wearing this said black shirt, I applied a nice amount of desitin and she began to squirm, wiggle, and of course, hug me- in a show to take her off of the changing area (which just so happened to be my mother's sink in her bathroom- oh yes, because I had no more wipes and had to make her her own personal bidet)) But now, I have found a way to glob the desitin in all the right places on the diaper and push the diaper into her and smoosh it into her with little or no mess. The trouble actually comes with putting the new diaper on. You see, she is not one to just stay put while I do it. Oh no! She must sit, squat, stand, and so on throughout the whole process. If the front of the diaper is not high enough or she moves ever so slightly as I am fastening the tabs, the whole process has to begin again, which of course gets desitin all over her legs. But I must say I am quite a wiz. Watching me attempt this feat will leave you in awe. It is a talent I never knew I had. And really it is a talent, just ask my father in law!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Can this possibly be behavioral?

For a while nap time was a pleasure. I would feed Estee her meal, play, give her a bottle, read some books, put her in her crib, turn on her aquarium and she would go right to sleep for two hours. For the past week or so this has changed somewhat. I put Estee in and she puts her head right down as if she is going to sleep. Then out of no where she starts to play for about 10 minutes. Then, she starts to scream and cry. Why is she crying all of a sudden? She has a dirty diaper. Without fail every single time she cries after going in to her crib with no problem it is because she went to the bathroom. What the heck? This has become a daily routine for the morning nap and sometimes the afternoon one as well. Is it possible that this is an elaborate toddler stall tactic? Can she be that manipulative? If so, what on earth am I to do? I can't leave her with a dirty diaper for two hours, that's gross! Any ideas?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The "b" word

I typed up a whole long post yesterday about Estee's talking and it got erased...phooey!
I'll try to sum it up:
A couple of weeks ago Estee started to say "abba" for real. She says other sounds like ma, da, na, pa but we knew this was a real word. Whenever she sees him or his picture she says "abba.." The other day she followed him into the kitchen and when he walked away from her she screetched "AAAAAAAAABBBBBBBAAA" Now there are other words she has been trying to say lately too. Whenever she sees Elmo in a book or somewhere else she points and says "A--bba" but with a slight "Eh" twinge to the A. When I came home the other day, she ran to me and said "A--bba"
Yesterday morning I was blowing bubbles with her and I was saying "bubbles, bubbles!" and she said "ba ba ba" She seems to say "ba ba" for every word with a b which is good. Here's the weird thing though...I noticed that when she wants me to pick her up she lifts her arms up and says "p p p" she must be trying to say up. But, when I am giving her a bath, and I want to wash the soap out of her eyes, I tell her "look up up up up up" and she repeats by saying "da da da da da"
speech therapists, any guesses on that one?
Today we were driving with Grandpa and she was turning her head around in her car seat (he was driving) and saying "A-bba" and I said "yeah, that's Grandpa"(over-enunciating it.) and she said "Appa" and kept saying it which was cool, yay Estee!

(Editor's note: I didn't write A-bba because it is a form of hashem's name or something like that, I did it to show how she pronounces it...)

I added some pictures of her that I thought were cute. There are a couple of her with a wicker basket that she was walking around holding and then tried to get inside.