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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The "b" word

I typed up a whole long post yesterday about Estee's talking and it got erased...phooey!
I'll try to sum it up:
A couple of weeks ago Estee started to say "abba" for real. She says other sounds like ma, da, na, pa but we knew this was a real word. Whenever she sees him or his picture she says "abba.." The other day she followed him into the kitchen and when he walked away from her she screetched "AAAAAAAAABBBBBBBAAA" Now there are other words she has been trying to say lately too. Whenever she sees Elmo in a book or somewhere else she points and says "A--bba" but with a slight "Eh" twinge to the A. When I came home the other day, she ran to me and said "A--bba"
Yesterday morning I was blowing bubbles with her and I was saying "bubbles, bubbles!" and she said "ba ba ba" She seems to say "ba ba" for every word with a b which is good. Here's the weird thing though...I noticed that when she wants me to pick her up she lifts her arms up and says "p p p" she must be trying to say up. But, when I am giving her a bath, and I want to wash the soap out of her eyes, I tell her "look up up up up up" and she repeats by saying "da da da da da"
speech therapists, any guesses on that one?
Today we were driving with Grandpa and she was turning her head around in her car seat (he was driving) and saying "A-bba" and I said "yeah, that's Grandpa"(over-enunciating it.) and she said "Appa" and kept saying it which was cool, yay Estee!

(Editor's note: I didn't write A-bba because it is a form of hashem's name or something like that, I did it to show how she pronounces it...)

I added some pictures of her that I thought were cute. There are a couple of her with a wicker basket that she was walking around holding and then tried to get inside.


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