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Friday, August 11, 2006

I fought the desitin and the desitin won

It looked as if I had been in a battle. Black is the best color to wear when you have kids, stains don't show right? wrong. My nice crisp black shirt was covered in white goopy desitin. Not in one place but several. I was walking down the street in a beautiful skirt, nice shoes, nice fall and a black shirt with white smears all over it. This is the story....
There was a nice block of time in which I was able to give Estee some sort of distraction whether it be a toy, a paper, a box, a bottle of shampoo, etc. to hold and easily lay her down to change her diaper. No more! No matter how distracted she is with the item, the second her head hits the changing table she rolls over. And, she is quite strong for a 13 month old. You'd think that being 24 years older than her and a lot more times her weight, I'd be able to hold her down. Pretty amazing strength she has, because it is not possible. But, that is really okay because I have perfected and mastered the art of changing, cleaning, desitining, and diapering her while standing. Obviously it took a while to get to this perfection, notice the aforementioned black shirt..But, I think I have got it down pat. There is a specific hold in which my left arm cradles her middle. Her head remains overlooking my shoulder and my other hand does all the work. So far so good. Taking off the diaper is easy. Wiping her has become a bit easy too even when it is messy. (yay mommy!) (well, except for yesterday when she decided to sit on my arm while I was wiping her messy messy #2, thanks Es you're the best!) The desitin was a bit troublesome at first until I got a technique down pat. Sunday for instance when I was wearing this said black shirt, I applied a nice amount of desitin and she began to squirm, wiggle, and of course, hug me- in a show to take her off of the changing area (which just so happened to be my mother's sink in her bathroom- oh yes, because I had no more wipes and had to make her her own personal bidet)) But now, I have found a way to glob the desitin in all the right places on the diaper and push the diaper into her and smoosh it into her with little or no mess. The trouble actually comes with putting the new diaper on. You see, she is not one to just stay put while I do it. Oh no! She must sit, squat, stand, and so on throughout the whole process. If the front of the diaper is not high enough or she moves ever so slightly as I am fastening the tabs, the whole process has to begin again, which of course gets desitin all over her legs. But I must say I am quite a wiz. Watching me attempt this feat will leave you in awe. It is a talent I never knew I had. And really it is a talent, just ask my father in law!


Blogger FrumWithQuestions said...

That sounds like a song by the Clash just with different words

4:56 AM  
Anonymous Angie said...

hurray for mommy! :) I think every moms out there have their own technique for changing their babies :)and each baby have their own techniques of making mommies feel like they're working out while changing them haha!

9:54 PM  

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