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Monday, August 21, 2006

I gave birth to a squirrel!

Behavioural Attributes of Mammal: common, active and nocturnal year round
are "packrats" - collect, trade and hoard things, including smooth stones, feathers and shiny objects
stockpile food in den for winter months

Okay so it isn't completely her but the hoarding is, in a way. Estee has a few toys that she loves to play with. She has a car that makes noises and sings songs and that you can ride. It also has a hood that goes up and down and spaces for her to insert blocks. She has a little princess carriage that she can pull around and it stores legos. She also has a little picnic basket with fruits and veggies inside that make noise. And, a pocketbook with toy comb, cell, lipstick, purse and keys. Besides for all these lovely things that her toys hold, Estee also walks around with other items from around the apartment. sometimes they are her toys and sometimes they are grown up things like Aarons keys, a spatula, a camera, etc. Often I find said objects in the hood of her car, in her princess wagon, pocketbook or picnic basket. Aaron's keys went missing for a week. He went crazy looking for them. One day I was in the kitchen with Estee and she was playing with her usual untesil holder in one of our cabinets. When all of a sudden it tipped over and all the utensils fell out and out came Aaron's keys.
Another time, while she was sleeping I went to find a pot I haven't used in a while and mixed in with all my cooking supplies were a few benchers. I wonder how those got there. I have a potato masher on the floor of my bedroom, a straining spoon (which I never use) on the floor of the bathroom, and my digital camera in the hood of her car.


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