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Monday, August 14, 2006

The little terror

Yesterday was my father's 50th birthday party. Here is a picture of Estee there and then one of the three of us:

I put her into her pajamas when we left so that if she fell asleep we can just put her right in bed and if she didnt we could just put her to sleep without having to first change her. On the way home Aaron got a call from someone from our minyan saying they need a minyan. At first he said we are in the car but we were really close and were going to pass right by and although the car was filled with tons of stuff I told him to go and I'd take her in with as many things as I can. I got home and took in Estee, the diaper bag, my pocketbook, her bottle (yes i know, she is still having one) and the big bag of food. I got in and realized I had to put her bumper on because my father in law washed it for us. I just could not get the thing to lay right. I was going insane. Every time I tied, I had to untie, adjust and retie on a different pole. All the while Es was playing around her room. As it got more frustrating, she began to take more things apart. I had moved her crib and was now positioned behind it when she opened up her dresser drawer and proceeded to throw everything out, screetching with laughter. She left the room and I heard the bathroom door opening and closing. This is her new favorite pastime that I usually don't allow but under the circumstances thought it would be okay. After a few minutes I realized I no longer heard the door opening and closing and realized it was awfully quiet. "Estee," I called, "come here." I was about to go and see what she had gotten into when she walked into the room carrying the plunger. Which means she had to climb behind the garbage in the bathroom and crawl in the crevice between the toilet and the wall, where I hide it so she won't get to it because it is yucky. I was too caught up in the moment to grab the camera but believe me, it was hilarious. I grabbed it from her, returned it to it's spot and proceeded to scrub her hands with anti-bacterial soap. In the midst of scrubbing I noticed that not only did she have a dirty diaper but the entire contents of the bathroom garbage were now all over the bathroom floor. I scrubbed her hands a little harder...


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